Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Brett Anderson Comes Off The Yankees Board

If the Yankees had any dreams or aspirations of trading for Athletics left handed starting pitcher Brett Anderson those can go by the wayside as Anderson has been traded to the Colorado Rockies today. The Athletics fetched pitcher Drew Pomeranz and Chris Jensen for the lefty. Honestly I think if we wanted to we could have matched that package or exceeded it but he was not a make or break player for us in my opinion. Good luck getting bombed in the thin air in Colorado.


  1. I keep reading about the Yankees want Jeff Samardzija...what is with that? The writers will have to come up with a short version of his name. I know he is young 28-9 but, what has he shown...a 4.19 Life time ERA and a 1.355 wip...that's good?
    Why would we need him hell, I want 4 pitchers with 3.30 ERAs too but that "ain't gona hap'n" either...is it?

    1. He has pitched well lately. You have to remember he is likely a late bloomer since he spent his college years as a wide receiver. He is behind the curve with everyone else.

    2. Thanks for the info, I didn't know that. I was under the impression he play both sports...sorry about that!


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