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The Yankee Stadium Experience - Part Six: Exploring Outside the Stadium

PART SIX: Exploring Outside the Stadium

While visiting the New Yankee Stadium, you may want to partake in the scene outside the stadium.  There are several establishments to help you "prepare" for the big or small game for a lot cheaper than the food and beverages inside the frieze-laden Bronx behemoth. On top of the eateries, bars, and sidewalk vendors, there are several locales that thrive during the baseball season by selling everything Yankees from t-shirts to toothbrushes.

Here is a list of my Top Ten Jaunts to visit before AND after the Yankees Game:

#10 The local hot dog / bratwurst really doesn't matter which stand you stop MUST get at minimum a hot dog from one of these least before NYC makes it illegal to do that too.  You will also find all kinds of street vendors selling bottled water for a buck or a bag of peanuts for $2-$3.  If it's a hot day, that ice-cold water goes down mightily smooth and the peanuts inside the Stadium will cost you $6 minimum.

#9 Billy's Sports Bar...856 River Avenue..not usually as crowded as a bar that will be later in the countdown, but another place to visit for food and spirits before heading into the Stadium.  The layout is rather large so it is quite easy to get a beer.
Large bar with wide open spaces...Billy's Sports Bar
 #8 Stadium Pizza...86 E 161st...I know, I know...all I ever talk about is food, but come on, as I've said before you can't live without it!  Some of the best pizza around.  Nevermind the scandal in 2012 which supposedly had the the waitresses and bartenders offering up "sextra" toppings.  But to be on the safe side, just order the Pepperoni Deep Dish...
Stick to the 1-Topping Pizza and you'll be fine.
#7 Pinstripe Collectibles...920 River Avenue...this place has a wide array of jerseys, t-shirts for men, women, and children, and all kinds of Yankees knick-knacks to take home with you.  Places like this are hopping after a win, so if you like to take your time to peruse and make economical decisions make sure to head over there before a game.
Check out that jersey selection! Whoa--Johnny Damon!
#6 The Bronx Terminal Market...610 Exterior Street...I've never actually been to the new megaplex shopping center that was part of the Bronx development deal struck to get a New Yankee Stadium, but I hear it is a pretty cool place to shop.  So if you have to convince someone of the female gender to go with you to the game, you may want to dangle this monstrosity of shopping out there as something to do beforehand.

#5 Your Average Street Merchandise much as I like supporting the New York Yankees, there are hundreds of street vendors around the Stadium with quality merchandise including t-shirts, hats, and memorabilia that you can support for much less than what you can find inside the Stadium.  Just beware of people selling stuff out of is probably stolen goods!

#4 Heritage Field...right across from the stadium, where the OLD Yankee Stadium used to sit.  You might not be able to get on the field to throw the ball around...then again you might! But this is a must-visit for the avid Yankees fan.  Local baseball teams get to play on the field, so if you are local, you might want to check out a high school or little league game there sometime.  There are still ghosts walking on the can almost feel it!  I made this #4 in honor of Lou Gehrig, who I'm sure is still walking there.
Heritage Park...formerly Yankee Stadium
#3 Modell's Sporting Goods...Okay, so this sports giant isn't located near the Stadium, but it is a GREAT place to buy jerseys of your favorite players.  My personal favorite location is the outlet store at the Jersey Gardens in Elizabeth, NJ where I have bought 3 or 4 jerseys including a pretty sweet Cooperstown Collection Mattingly jersey...even though Cooperstown doesn't seem to want Mattingly in the Hall.  Gotta go to Mo's!
The Original Modell's on Cortlandt St in Manhattan
  #2 Stan's Sports Bar...836 River Avenue...a perfect spot to grab a drink or three prior to the game and and absolute blast after any Yankee victory!  There won't be much space to move around, but the atmosphere after a win will negate your lack of elbow room.  Make sure to head on over to Stan's after a win and cheer for a Red Sox loss if they are on the West Coast.
The One and Only Stan's!
#1 The Yankee Tavern...72 E personal pre-grame favorite.  There are plenty of televisions to enjoy other games or sports and the service staff is very friendly...probably because most of the staff seem to be related to the owner and have a personal stake in the business.  They sell Bud Light and Budweiser in the specialty tin cans that stay cold a refreshingly long time if you are wanting to burn away an hour or so and just relax before heading into the Stadium for all of the excitement.  According to some of my family members their "Chowda" is pretty damn good as well.  A trip to the tavern won't break the bank can get several meals for under $7 and leave feeling full...well, at least until the 3rd inning.
Yankee Tavern...before every Game!

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