Monday, December 16, 2013

There Is Always Michael Young

I feel like I have already done this post before, oh yeah that is probably because I did, when I said the Yankees should target Stephen Drew to play third base now that Omar Infante was signed with the Kansas City Royals. Why not Michael Young? Young is right handed and can play third base, second base, shortstop, and would not be a total loss at first base defensively. The Yankees need right handed power, a second basemen, a third basemen, someone to give Mark Teixeira a day to a day and a half off a week, and the versatility that Michael Young brings to the team.

This is Young's age 37 season and will only see his 38th birthday in uniform if the Yankees went to the World Series as his birthday is late in October so he doesn't exactly make the Yankees any younger. Baseball Reference has him listed as a shortstop, second basemen, and third basemen but like I said I could see him doing well at first base if we needed him there a day a week or so and what the Yankees need right now is his versatility. Young garnered MVP votes, an 8th place finish, just three seasons ago in 2011 and hit a combined .279 in 2013 with eight home runs. While Young has not hit 20 home runs since the 2010 season he may be a better option then all the other options out there, including Mark Reynolds.

My main concern with signing Young is the fact that he made $16 million last season so you are always concerned on how much he would want for next season. Also you have to wonder if Young wants to sign a one year deal and do this whole free agency thing all over again after all the stability he had in Texas for 11+ seasons. Does Young want to get paid and does Michael want to sign the last contract of his career? The problem with this idealistic thinking is nobody but Michael Young knows but if it's close, sign him and worry about next season next season.

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