Monday, December 16, 2013

Yankees Have Discussed Papelbon With Phillies?

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe discussed the possibility of bringing Jonathan Papelbon to the Yankees to replace Mariano Rivera this season. Excuse me while I throw up in my mouth a little bit. No way do I want any part of Papelbon unless he gets thrown into a Cliff Lee or Cole Hamels deal, which is not being discussed right now FYI to our knowledge. Here is the quote from Nick himself on the Boston Glove:

Jonathan Papelbon, RP, Phillies — Papelbon is being shopped pretty hard and the team many scouts believe could use him most is the Yankees. “He fits pretty well there. There’s two years left on the deal. Not sure the Yankees are completely sold on Dave Robertson being their closer. He’s best suited as a setup man, but Papelbon would get hyped up in New York, replacing Mariano [Rivera]. I think it would be a positive thing and a good fit and I would think it’s been explored already.”


  1. I have a bit of a doubt, regarding David Robertson.

    He has a way of bringing trouble towards him, and then dodging the bullet. That entertaining as long
    as the great Mariano is standing in the shadows. But, not for a front line closer.
    I really think he will choke, or come down with a severe case of stage fright.

    Nothing he has shown me, makes me think otherwise. Name him your closer, he has earned his chance.
    But, if you can get a Papelbon, to replace him if he fails....then by all means explore it

    Daniel***********Dominic Brown, where did that come from ? A four o'clock feeding ?
    Help me are Brown's outfield skills ? Did he hit 17, or 27 HRS last season, batting left ?

    1. What worries me is Robertson was given the chance in 2012 when Mo got hurt and he faltered... I believe at the end of the day he will get it done but I def have my doubts.

      Brown doesn't interest me or impress me much at all. If he did he wouldnt be on the trade block along with expensive veteran players

  2. HERE'S ONE...Scott Downs, LHP, ERA...3.48....Free agent.
    He has had some very good seasons. Tons of experience. Remember....lefty.

  3. The bullet chamber clicks over....and, it's Dean Anna, second baseman.
    This, I feel, is a guy that fell into the Yankee's lap. I don't know what the Padres were thinking.
    One looks at his numbers, his awards, and those praising his hard ass attitude...I don't get it.

    Forgive me, but on the cold December night, I think when the dust settles after the 2014 season,
    Dean Anna will have made his mark. My Irish bones tell me this is so.

    1. They are talking about him being the starting 2B. That was before we signed Brian Roberts though.

  4. DOMONIC BROWN ?....Was it was a two, and a four o'clock feeding?...Because Daniel, how else does
    Brown's name come up ? Other than, in the Ellijay Courier..................Artistic license, right ?
    Domonic Brown Statistics and History - › Encyclopedia of Players › B Listing‎
    2013: 27 HR (4th), .272 BA, 83 RBI,Career: 39 HR, .255 BA, 141 RBI, OF, AllStar, Phillies 2010-2013, b:L/t:L, born in Unite. 1987, ....aka....'Downtown'
    Downtown Brown, and Downtown Papelbon, and Downtown patrick....pull the trigger. Please!
    Unless, as Roy Orbison sang................."In Dreams". At four am.

  5. Thomas Twasp......MIA.
    I never forget a face like that.
    The photo posted at 10:18 am, 12 / 15...from Ashley Papelbon's careful how you read into that !
    That was Thomas Twasp ? Yes, I'll be damed....the old cowgirl himself, TWASP.

  6. AH HAH !!!...DEAN ANNA....everything is about timing. From the NY Post 12/ Joel Sherman.
    4. Get familiar with the name Dean Anna. The Yankees made a minor deal recently with San Diego for the Triple-A infielder and — if the Yankees are going cheap at second — he could become part of the competition. But this also underscores how weak the Yankees farm system is. Anna was available because San Diego has so many good youngsters that the lefty hitter wasn’t going to make it onto the 40-man roster, so the Padres proactively traded him to a team with a weak 40-man roster.

    And, just for the record, the Yankees do not view Eduardo Nunez as anything more than an emergency possibility at second. They wonder about his toughness/fragility after his slow healing in 2013, and likely are not anxious to have him learn a position in which his back will be to the runner on double-play pivots.

  7. Sorry, but I see sad participation here at the Greedy.
    EXTRA....Stop the presses!

    Yankees Likely To Sign Brian Roberts.
    By Jeff Todd [December 16 at 11:00pm CST]

    The Yankees are likely to sign free agent second baseman Brian Roberts, reports Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports (via Twitter). Roberts, 36, is a client of Relativity Baseball.
    ( If only, they can turn back the clock, with Roberts ) can't stay injured forever !
    My tent show is darkening.

    1. I figured this made you happy since you mentioned his name a few weeks back


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