Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bobby Valentine Warns Yankees Stay Away From Tanaka

Bobby Valentine, according to, says that the New York Yankees may not be the best fit for Masahiro Tanaka and vice versa. If Bobby V says the Yankees should not get Tanaka, with his history of evaluating talent, I think we should hand Tanaka a blank contract, tell him to fill it out, and call us in the morning. Bobby Valentine is an idiot and you can see why in this quite from

“If I was him, I would pitch in the National League,” Valentine said, according to a New York Post report. “I would pitch on the West Coast and I would pitch where the weather isn’t going to be a factor.”


  1. On the weather being a problem with "Tank" could very well be true!
    On him pitching in the National league, why? If he has the ego to want to pitch in the bigs, why not pitch on a team that has a history of going to and winning, the Big Gold Ring of baseball...the one and only New York Yankees?
    I believe we have a good chance of signing him...if not, hay, the world will not end and we can pull things together and win anyhow! Some of our young pitchers will have to step-up and do their job well enough to help the team to the gold ring!

    1. Does it not get cold in Japan in the fall and warm in the summer, when they play baseball? Come on, the weather as an excuse?

    2. Yes, it gets cold, snows etc. But, the weather in Seattle is rain, cold rain and more cold rain!
      I still think we have an edge, "Tank" is not after the most money...or he would have stayed in Japan. We have the one thing he wants the prove he can play, succeed and be a World Series Champion. One plays for the Yankees and everyone knows you, play for some of the other teams and "Tank" who?

    3. Pitches in a dome in Seattle...

    4. I am sorry Daniel, I didn't make myself clear...again!
      I was writing of the weather he would be living in, not pitching. I have no idea if you ever lived in the same weather as they have in Seattle.
      I spent a year close to Seattle, the wet weather with the cold (40 to 60) is a bone chiller that one can't get away from. For years I would still get chilled when it rained (other than summer time).
      Of course I was out in the field much of the time, so that will make a difference I'm sure. I just remember how miserable I and my people were! LOL

  2. BOBBY VALENTINE....was born an idiot. The first time I heard him, I cringed.
    When he signed to manage Boston, I was elated. I knew it would be short lived.
    And, now this mentally stimulating statement.
    It gets very cold in Japan. Maybe not like the northeast, but cold. And, it snows................
    I can't write about Valentine tonight. For the same reasons I turn off TV's when he is on.

  3. BRET GARDNER.....he is still on the griddle. Was he ever off it ?

    The signing of Tanaka, should end these rumors. Unless the Yankees fall on their faces coming
    out of the gate.
    Being unable to sign Tanaka, will mean the end of Gardner.
    * When Roberts, and Johnson, get added to the 40 man roster.....will that end the Vernon Wells era ?

    1. I agree. If we sign Tanaka we will sign another big guy or two and totally blow the Hal cap out of the water. If we don't I can see a trade going down or a knee jerk reaction like Ubaldo "AJ Burnett" Jimenez.

      If Wells makes it past these latest cuts I will probably break something... just saying.

  4. KEN your articles (3) while in Boston. You have not lost your touch. Nice job.

    Finding Pvt. Ernie, was not easy. After six saloons, and 200 more to go, Anne Marie pulled
    the plug on my mission. In hind sight, it was a smart move.
    It takes time, to check out a good saloon.

    1. That's a shame, wished we could have been brought together.

  5. BENGHAZI...9/11/12....A knife to the heart, by this lying administration.
    My New Years prayers, to those who died, and the ones they left behind.
    Ambassador...Christopher Stevens.
    Sean Smith...Info. officer.
    Glen Doherty...ex-Navy Seal.
    Tyrone Woods...ex-Navy Seal.

    They died, while waiting for help to come from the worlds most powerful nation.
    They fought against overwhelming odds, knowing in their hearts, that help was on the way.
    A single fighter plane, from the Naval Air Station in Rota, Spain....could have arrived there within
    30 minutes, and destroyed their murderers. With two thousand pound bombs raining down on the
    attackers heads....their filthy asses would of been on the run.

    To this day, the ones that could not give the orders to save them....are still lying.
    They could not give that command, to justify their political ambitions.
    They should rot in hell. And one day, soon I hope, they will have to answer to a higher power.
    A stain on this nation, awful. They should be jailed, if not executed.

    God Bless the fallen. They served us, but were deemed expendable. Rest, in eternal sleep, with the legions that have served this great nation.

    That was going to be my year end post, from Boston. Tonight, nothing else matters.

  6. There are rules in any conflict! The commander has his own rules. Don't look in a book for them but, they are "Iron Clad" and not written in a book...they are the person him/herself!
    If one has NO core beliefs other than..."The End, Justifies the Means"..."Iron Clad" becomes something never thought of at all.

    Your words ring true. It so angers me re: Benghazi, and that this administration goes unpunished.
    Take care.

    1. To some people...Liberals..."The Ends DO Justify ANY Means" the law means nothing to them.


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