Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Rod Ruling Not Expected This Week

When reports said "early January" in reference to the Alex Rodriguez decision they did not mean this week. The arbitrator that holds A Rod's career, season, and legacy in his hand Frederic Horowitz is unlikely to announce his decision today or tomorrow according to Mike Puma. A Rod has not been informed of anything on the matter either that we have been made aware of so the A Rod watch continues until at least next week.


  1. This kind of junk is a stain on MLB...just make a decision already...I believe this is a ploy just to hold the Yankees ransom until they cannot manage their off-season's getting late in the game to make impact signings, especially if there is a possible $25 million they could be responsible for...

    1. Kind of backfired though no? Who has it stopped us from signing? Stephen Drew? Mark Reynolds? Not a huge loss there...


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