Thursday, January 2, 2014

Yankee Stadium Legacy: #89 Roger Clemens (Again)

Roger Clemens is the only pitcher in Major League history to win the Cy Young Award seven times. Clemens took home his sixth trophy in 2001 after going 20-3 with a 3.51 ERA and 213 strikeouts in Yankees pinstripes. This was the sixth time Clemens reached 20 wins and it was the 11th time he struck out over 200 batters in a season. His winning percentage of .870 ranked the third highest in team history.

89 days until Yankees Opening Day.


  1. I love that picture, it really shows why ballplayers always say..."The legs are the first to go" and why one can see pitchers running all the time.

    Look at the pressure put on his plant leg, the same is true of his push-off leg......! Pitchers and other players have a weak spot...their legs (hip) any problem of any sort can make the best, become the ordinary or worse!

    1. That's why Clemens used to run 176 miles a day, keep those legs fresh.

    2. slight exaggeration maybe? lol


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