Saturday, January 11, 2014

Independent League Invites A Rod To Play In 2014

To nobody's surprise the Long Island Ducks of the Independent League have invited Alex Rodriguez to play for them in the 2014 season. This comes from Mark Herrman from Newsday as Alex plans on taking his fight to the Supreme Court to try and get the suspension overturned. Alex has also said he plans on attending Spring Training this season, something I do not think MLB or the Yankees can prevent, so that should be distracting interesting.  Here is a quote from the Ducks GM and President Michael Pfaff:

"While some MLB suspensions have been honored by the Atlantic League in the past, if Alex Rodriguez were unable to participate in the Major Leagues this season, we would be open to exploring giving him a chance to play, stay sharp and compete." 


  1. L.I. DUCKS....Ellijay, this is a severe stretch. I live on Long Island.
    The Ducks play against the Bridgeport, Conn." Bluefish ", amongst others.
    Alex, on the Ducks ?....Obama, speaking the truth ?....same deal.

    1. It's realistic if he wants some form of a paycheck in 2014 and wants to stay in shape to come back to the Yankees in 2015.


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