Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mark Reynolds Unlikely To Return To Yankees

It has been reported this morning by our very own Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News that Mark Reynolds is unlikely to return to the New York Yankees. Citing the good ole unnamed source Feinsand claims that the Yankees only offered Reynolds a minor league deal and I am in agreement with Mark when I say "he won't take that."

Reynolds played in 36 games for the Yankees last season hitting six home runs and compiling a slash of .236/.300/.455. Reynolds is entering his age 30 season and still strikes out a ton and that may be turning the Yankees in other directions now that we know Alex Rodriguez will miss the entire 2014 season. Michael Young is still available as is Stephen Drew so stay tuned.


  1. To me that is no big deal. I would like someone else other than Reynolds. No one is obviously banging down his door

    1. Absolutely. The longer it drags out the less options he has. Granted though I think the third base market has been slowed by A Rod as much as the SP market has been slowed by the Tanaka sweepstakes.

    2. What the hell are the Yankees doing offering him a minor league deal? He was pretty good when he played for them for a month last year, and, in my opinion, is better than Michael Young.

    3. 2011-2013 stats -

      Reynolds - .221/.321/.438
      Young - .299/.343/.415

      If all you want is home runs, then by all means go with Reynolds. But when making a blanket statement about which player is better, then it's not a contest.

      However, I don't care for either player. As far as I'm concerned, the offense will be just fine. At this point it's all about pitching. Improve the rotation, and we're looking at a pretty good team next season.


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