Sunday, January 19, 2014

Masahiro Tanaka Wants To Wear #18, No Problem?

In this Google translated article that stated that the Dodgers, Yankees, Cubs, and Diamondbacks had offered Masahiro Tanaka six years and $120 million a minor detail was missed, Tanaka asked for a specific uniform number, #18. With the Yankees having like 92 out of 100 numbers retired, obviously exaggerating, I somewhat panicked and went to look up if the number was retired. I didn't think it was but I had to be sure as I thought I remembered Johnny Damon wearing the number in 2009, which he did.

Other notable Yankees to wear the #18 besides Damon are Mariano Duncan, Scott Brosius, Homer Bush, Bubba Crosby, Whitey Ford for one season, Andruw Jones, Don Larsen, Deion Sanders, Jeff Weaver,  Mike Stanley, Randy Velarde, and Hiroki Kuroda. Oh crap, Kuroda wears #18 doesn't he? I wonder how important the number is to both Kuroda and Tanaka.


  1. If a bunch of teams are all around the same figures as reported I start to distance myself from the field and go higher into the $150 million dollar range. First we have the money, second enough with this $189 mill BS and third and more importantly we need him. Are we really prepared to lose him to the likes of the Dbacks or Whitesox or Cub's for that matter based on money? I could understand it if his wife truly wants to be out West and by the way the argument used by many people was the same thought process with Cano which was NY is closer to the Dominican then Seattle, yet the difference in the money changed all that so I don't necessarily buy into the wife thing just yet. We are valued at $3.3 billion dollars by Forbes and now we are tightening our purse strings after spending over $300 million? This is why the ownerships in NY sports drive me crazy. Mara continues to talk out of both sides of his mouth about accountability and the failure to not make playoffs 4 out of 5 years and we do make some offense changes yet we keep the worst coordinator in Tom Quinn, Hal has a pipe dream about this $189, yet he keeps the clowns in office who draft our future and just a news flash to Hal if he had a decent farm system he wouldn't be up against his self imposed cap. Sorry guys I got on a roll about ownership.

  2. For those of you, that listen to the Yankees on radio :

    CARLOS SILVA, or as John Sterling says..." Carlos SILVAAAAAAA.".
    Yankees Radio Engineer Carlos Silva dies after cancer fight.
    Past this morning. Leaving behind, a wife and three children.


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