Thursday, January 9, 2014

RANT: Steroid Users Hit Hard In Hall of Fame Voting

As everyone knows by now, whether you agree with it or not, I am a huge advocate for forgiving steroid users and the players associated with them in the Steroid Era. I am not a member of the Baseball Writers Association of America so I do not get a vote unfortunately and it's probably a good thing because I may shake up the system. The current system is flawed and ruining the prestige and the aura behind Cooperstown. The Hall of Fame and the voting is now a sham, a joke, and being compared to the NFL's Pro Bowl that nobody watches. This is not the players fault, especially the ones that took steroids, this is the writers fault and it's a damn shame.

Yesterday I did not expect to come home and read that Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds made the hall but the vote was downright embarrassing. The best players in the history of this great game are supposed to go into the hall, bottom line. Sure you can make exceptions, see Shoeless Joe Jackson for example, but this has gone far enough and is now beginning to make the game as a whole look bad.  If you're not going to wipe the record books and make Hank Aaron the all time home run king again and you're not going to say that no pitcher has ever won seven Cy Young Awards then you have no right or basis to keep these men out of the hall.

I really hate ranting this early in the morning so I will simply end it here before I am annoyed for the rest of the day. Here are the results from yesterdays voting for the devils of this great game of baseball. You know those terrible, horrible, no good very bad guys who brought the game back after Commissioner Bud Selig and his greed cancelled the World Series and almost ruined the game.

Sammy Sosa, 7.2 percent
Mark McGwire, 11.0 percent
Roger Clemens, 35.4 percent
Barry Bonds, 34.7 percent


  1. Those guys not getting a lot of votes isn't the problem isn't the problem right now. The problem is Jack Morris didn't get in and he was easily good enough

    1. Obviously not EASILY good enough or he would have gotten in... That ERA killed him.

  2. Morris was "The Yankee Killer", but other than that he had a bit over 50% win record. Why would he even be considered?
    Watching him pitch against the Yanks, he should have been a shoe-in but, one has to have a good record...even in this day and age! Although, I sometimes doubt it! If enough writers like you, you are in no matter what the player did or didn't do.

  3. Ken Reed....For those of you that do not know, Ken survived, and went forward from a section of NYC,
    known as ' Hell's Kitchen, ' An Irish tough part of Manhattan, on the west side.
    No easy task.

    Many were found curb side, cold and still, as the new days sun would rise. He knows this.
    I agree with his last two posts....nice work.
    Ken, and I, bumped heads years ago. That was good. He reigned me in a bit.
    I tip my hat tonight, to the Lake Erie....Rocket.

  4. Ok Patrick, I get it...
    I am into my Life Long (and Job) of pin pointing the weakness of a situation! Thank you, I was about to change things up a bit any how!

  5. I wish to apologize to those of you I may have offended with my, let us say, less than optimistic out look on players. It is my nature/training to find any weakness and asses any scenario of departure from a plain I helped put together and had to carry out. Doing it for so many years has made it 2nd nature for me.

    I shall try being more of an Optimist. It is always good to have a civil, back and forth. So, please do so, my opinion is no better or worse than any other fan!


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