Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yankee Stadium Legacy: #65 Dave Righetti (Again)

After Dave Righetti gave up his career as a starting pitcher after four seasons as a member of the New York Yankees Righetti converted to a closer in 1984. The payoff was immediate for Righetti as the left hander notched 31 saves in his first season as the Yankees closer which was fourth best in the American League that year. Righetti finished his career with 252 saves which as the time was good for 32nd most in Major League history. His 46 saves in 1986 set an MLB record for the time which has obviously since been surpassed.

65 days until Yankees Opening Day.


  1. Let's tilt at another windmill.

    The other day FOX became 80% partners in the YES network.
    Do you know what that means to the Yankees ? An additional $150 million a year !
    Nice pocket change. And, just a bit of that can fix an infield need.....third base.
    Yes, The Yankees have some new 'competent' fill-ins....but not a starting third baseman.

    Michael Young, free agent. To me, the perfect fit....Remember that new found pocket change ?
    He is healthy. He wants to play another year. And, he adds character, and grit.
    The below lines were lifted from a Texas Ranger management quote.
    "Seven All-Star games, one batting title, a Gold Glove, 2,375 career hits, 1,919 runs, a .300 batting average. And here's another way in which he's not like his old teammate A-Rod: If Young does get some support for the Hall of Fame one day it will be because of the voter instruction to consider "integrity, sportsmanship, character," .............etc.
    He's 37...Younger than Alex. Younger than Derick. And better than what they have now.
    What a vibrant, and strong acquisition to this 2014 squad he would be.

    1. He hasn't made an All Star team in three years, that batting title was eight years ago, that Gold Glove was five years ago, the majority of those hits came between 2003 and 2007, run totals are a product of those around you and not directly indicative of a player's abilities, and he's more of a .280 hitter these days than a .300 hitter like six years ago.

      And the fact he's younger than ARod and Derek is not something to feel great about.

      He'd make a fine addition to the team this season if he comes relatively cheap, but let's not go too far here.

    2. Bryan.....thanks for the stats. They were a given.
      Two points........a) He is better than the ones being penciled in for that position. As a
      player, and as the quality type of person that he is. ...b) One year would be fine.
      You may have Alex back in 2015.

    3. Bryan...
      I agree with your synopsis...I really liked the Cheap part.

  2. Young has said if he didn't retire he would only play for the Dodgers....

    1. Daniel...I read that this morning also.
      Great way to start the day. They can always ask him ? Or, I go back to
      chasing windmills.


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