Thursday, January 16, 2014

Yankees Might Retire A Number Or Two This Season

Yesterday on we were all treated to a question and answer session with Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner, seen HERE. Most people felt compelled to ignore all of the interview except for the parts containing to Alex Rodriguez but I read something that really intrigued me, the Yankees may retire a number or two this season including that of Joe Torre. I'll save you the reading and the skimming and quote the part here about retiring numbers, enjoy: Now that Joe Torre is being inducted in the Hall of Fame, is his No. 6 going to be retired this year?
Steinbrenner: We're going to figure out just whose numbers are going to be retired. He may not be the only one. We'll figure that out. We haven't gotten into that yet, to answer your question. So sometime this year you'll come to a decision on this?
Steinbrenner: Sometime in the next few weeks we'll be talking about it. It could be none, one or multiples. You've been around long enough to know that it's a very special thing for us. It's not something we do lightly. Rivera's No. 42 was already retired because of Jackie Robinson and was officially retired by the Yankees at the end of this past season, his last. Obviously, Rivera's number is part of the group that will go into Monument Park in the near future.
Steinbrenner: He's certainly the caliber of Yankee who belongs in there on his own merit. Technically, his number is retired by baseball anyway, so no one else is going to be able to wear it.

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