Thursday, January 16, 2014

Steinbrenner Says Give The Job To Robertson

Hal Steinbrenner has given his endorsement to David Robertson to be the closer for the New York Yankees for the 2014 season and possibly beyond. Hal wouldn't come out and say the words" David Robertson is our closer" but he may as well said it without helping Robertson's cause in arbitration by saying :

"We're going to rely on [David] Robertson. I'm sure he'll do a good job for us"

When pressed again for an answer, not a dodge to the question, Hal responded with this:

"I think you'll have to ask [Joe] Girardi that, but that's my understanding. He's the number one candidate. Rightfully so."

Hal said it so it must be true and it's about time.


  1. SURF CITY....No, not Jan & Dean's # 1 hit, from July, 1963 !!

    But rather this poor pathetic blogger, me, surfing the net today.
    I come upon a Yankee blog site, that has a thread saying..." the Yankees must sign Tanaka, now !"
    It has over 110 comments at that point, and I get curious. After all, it was a super sized site, and
    their posters must be cutting edge. I might even get a inside rumor ?

    Wrong. I read every single comment, 110 of them. No one there could agree on Tanaka's salary,
    the length of contract, the back up plan if he signs elsewhere, etc....nothing.
    The only guy that made sense, was someone called..." Joe, the Peckerhead"...and someone
    called him, stupid.
    You can't make this stuff up. So here's my two cents, from " patrick, the pecker."

    My Irish bones say...a team from nowhere, like maybe the Cubs, comes in as the clock clicks down,
    and offers more money than Tanaka ever imagined. (His wife will now like the mid west.)
    At this point, not even Grant Balfour's wife would be able to save the Yankees.
    And now, the real fun will begin. Where will the Yankees turn their gun sights ?
    Garza ? Arroyo ? Baily ? ...I'd still go for Balfour's wife.

  2. When Hal Steinbrenner says anything baseball or common sense related it makes the hair on my neck stand straight up. Hal is just showing you he doesn't want to broach that 189 million and he will say to the fans hey we spent over 300 million for you. Well Hal without pitchers nothing else matters and your starting rotation is one big question mark as is your bullpen. But remember Yankee fans I just spent over $300 million for you so now please come to the stadium and spend again


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