Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Yankees Missed Out On Scott Baker

The Seattle Mariners have signed utility guy Jeff Baker to a minor league deal with an invite to Spring Training and the Yankees really dropped the ball. First off I don't care about the concern for his defense at third base because before last season Kelly Johnson had never played first base. Secondly the other likely option at the hot corner is Eduardo Nunez and his defensive struggles are well documented here as well as everyone in the Yankees blogosphere. Third of all it's a minor league deal, also known as a no brainer.

Baker can play third base, first base, and some outfield and would have really helped the Yankees off the bench or as a starter this season. Baker can make up to $1 million if he makes the team and can make an additional $2.25 million in incentives. It perplexes me that the Yankees did not snatch this guy up, especially on a minor league deal. We had the money to offer, we had the playing time to offer, and we have the need for a guy like Baker.

Please disregard :)


  1. BRONSON ARROYO :...Not one offer. Imagine ?
    A.J. Burnett....24 hours later..........Where he went ? ( Dominican English )
    Jeff Baker ? I must have been using New Jersey candles.

    1. That's surprising Arroyo hasn't been made an offer by the Marlins or the Astros yet...

  2. ELLIJAY....Mariners signed Scott Baker.........the pitcher, today.
    Jeff Baker lives, unless Baltimore / Nationals grab him.

  3. THE FACT...that the Baker thread, with it's error, and all the scribble lines through it...
    ...just the fact it is still sitting up there, is one of the reasons that makes this site different.
    Mistakes are made, the humans that we are, and we move on laughing.
    Another site, in New Jersey, would have erased that immediately.. And would never of admitted
    that it ever happened.

    1. I'm human, I screw up once or twice a year. What can you do lol.

  4. No, something weird happened. My Dad called and said the Mariners signed Jeff Baker too. There had to be conflicting reports. Jeff Baker crushes left handed pitching. If he's still out there, he would make a great platoon with Johnson.


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