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Exclusive Interview w/ SI Yankees David Palladino

For the first time we bring you an interview with Yankees prospect and recently drafted David Palladino. David was taken in the fifth round of the 2013 MLB First Year Players Draft and is currently a member of the Staten Island Yankees. We hope that you enjoy the interview as much as I enjoyed doing it, so get to reading and enjoy!

The Greedy Pinstripes: David Palladino, how are you today sir? How is your offseason going?

David Palladino: I’m great thanks for asking. My offseason has been great, I love working and training to become a better player at the game I love so much. What about yourself?

TGP: We have had an awesome year and an even more awesome offseason, you're the first to ask so we thank you for that. 

TGP:  How important is your family to you in your life and especially in your career?

DP: My family is everything to me. I have two brothers as well and it’s great that we are so close that we practically do everything together. My parents are my biggest supporters, they have been through everything with me and I couldn’t ask for a better family to be a part of. In my career my family is behind my back 100% and are very honest with me with I am not playing up to my ability. They push me to become the best ballplayer I can be but also become the best man I can become.

TGP: How do you think your faith has helped you in your career?

DP: Faith is everything. Everything I do is because of God. I have a cross that was given to me from my family, and it never leaves my neck, if I don’t have it on, I don’t feel right. I bring it everywhere I go.  I truly believe that God has a plan for me and whatever it is I would like to work to become the best I can be at whatever he has in stored for my future. Most importantly, faith has helped me out so much because all the tough times I had growing up from baseball and in school. I would always say, “Its okay, I will get stronger from this.” I had many injuries which doctors didn’t think I would play again and I had to overcome these injuries to be where I am today.  Before each time I step onto the mound, I say a prayer and when things are tough I say the same prayer, “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.”

TGP:  What's your best memory attending Howard College? Do you miss the whole college experience sometimes?

DP: My best memory of Howard college was towards the end of the year, when we were in Fort worth, Texas. We were in the tournament to get to Grand Junction, we lost but I felt that we all became so close those last few games, that is was unbelievable how we played. Everyone left it out there on the field, none of us have regrets. That is what the game is all about, and I will never forget that. I do miss college sometimes because of the school work and everything that goes about it. At the same time, playing professional baseball was everything I always dreamed of coming from a small town.

TGP: Have you ever considered going back and coaching? Maybe mentoring? Either in the offseason or after baseball?

DP: I actually want to open my own place one day, because I think it would be great teaching the younger players everything I have learned from my experiences. I would want to run teams through it and have all of the strength and conditioning trainers the players would need, so they could reach their full potential as I am working to do. Also currently with this being my first offseason, after all the training and throwing, I have been helping around running some camps and lessons, and I couldn’t be happier.

TGP:  What teams and sports did you root for and watch growing up?

DP: I am a big sports fan. I was always a Devils fan for hockey, Barcelona fan for Soccer, Yankees fan for baseball, Giants fan for football, Knicks fan for basketball.

TGP: As a recent draft pick I would love to hear about your thoughts on the new draft rules, the slots, allocated money, and all that? Does it help or hurt the game and the players in your opinion?

DP: I really don’t have much to say on the draft rules. I love playing the game to much to worry about the money amount playing. I received an opportunity to be a part of what I think is the greatest organization of Major League Baseball, and wearing that jersey is an honor. I am just looking forward to work hard and play in Yankee stadium one day.

TGP: Do you have a girlfriend/wife waiting for you at home while you are on the road so much?

DP: I do have a girlfriend. She’s a great girl and is very passionate in what she loves to do and has many goals for herself which I would help push her towards, at the same time her family and she understand what it takes for me to be where I want to be and support me. I’ve known her for years which is great because we were always great friends. It makes it a lot easier when being away doesn’t cause fights because were both working hard to reach our own goals but at the same time pushing each other.

TGP: What are you doing this offseason to improve on your 2013 season?

DP: I am doing palates once a week, Yoga two times a week, Strength and conditioning five times a week, throwing bullpens, lots of pfp work and long toss. Also been reading some books to help with the mental side of baseball and pitching.

TGP: What do you do during the offseason to keep yourself occupied?

DP: I am always on my feet, I love doing outdoor activities such as paintball, golf, basketball(Only HORSE though so I don’t roll an ankle), etc.. Also since we have a lot of snow,  I like doing manual labor which would involve snow plowing, and shoveling. Besides all that I love to work on things to get better and that’s why I put so much time into working out and doing different types of training to become a better athlete and ball player.

TGP: Favorite restaurant to eat at?

DP: Sushi

TGP: What current Major League player do you think you compare to the most?

DP: I have always said to myself one day I want to be able to pitch like Roger Clemens, He was my idle growing up. But current major leaguer I would have to say Felix Hernandez.

TGP: Do you have a plan yet for after baseball? Or maybe even a Plan B?

DP: In life you always have to have a Plan B, and I do for sure. I would want to open that baseball place as I explained earlier but also go back and finish my degree. I want to get a minor in business and go to law school and become a lawyer.

TGP: Do you have anything embarrassing that most people would not know about you that you wouldn't mind sharing?

DP: I am a New Jersey guy but loves country music.

TGP: Most embarrassing song in your iPod?

DP: Taylor Swift- We are never getting back together.

TGP: We'll finish with this one, where do you see yourself in life and your career in five years?

DP: I see myself in five years, pitching in Yankee Stadium.

Thank you once again David for taking the time to do this for us, it is truly appreciated. We wish for nothing but the best for you this coming season and in everything you do outside of the baseball field. You can follow David on Twitter by following @dpall2

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