Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Yankees Made Offer To Drew

Well, well, well...

Joel Sherman reported that the Yankees made Stephen Drew a two or three-year contract offer earlier this offseason. However, the team said that offers would be pulled as things progressed, and we all know that things certainly did progress.

At the time Drew was thinking he could land a better deal, but in the end it may have cost him. 

Sherman also backed up reports of the Yankees no longer being interested in the shortstop, as he said that Hal Steinbrenner has put a halt to spending, and they won't be "bending for Drew". 

But don't worry, folks, Hal doesn't think the team is 100%. He went on to say the following..
"No team is without concerns. We will address those concerns as we go, just as we did in several areas last year. ... I am comfortable with our payroll as it stands now. ... We have a very good club and we will continue to improve in areas that we see need it; not just in areas that need it on paper. We need to see what actually transpires in those areas and react."

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