Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Meet A Prospect: Zoilo Almonte

Zoilo Almonte was born on June 10th, 1989 in Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, Dominican Republic. Zoilo has been in the Yankees system since 2007 when he signed as an International Free Agent at age 16. He has consistently flown under the radar for the Yankees in their system being overshadowed by a deep outfield class but had a coming out party in the 2011 season, his age 22 season. In that 2011 season Zoilo put up a triple slash of .298/.373/.522 and has instantly put himself on the Yankees radar as far as potential bench players and mid season call ups as soon as this season. 

Almonte is considered to have a plus arm with a very athletic build at 6'0" and 200 lbs and has been called a great defender. He is also a switch hitter who has shown great plate discipline for such a young player and is considered to be mature beyond his time when it comes to his baseball skilss. He has great BB% and power numbers in his career despite his smallish frame. This will be Zoilo's third season on the 40 man roster and under Rule 5 Draft protection and will start the season in Scranton after taking the Bronx by storm for about a month in 2013.


  1. Zoilo Almonte : My guess, unless my numbers are off, is that Almonte is blocked.
    There is no roster spot for him. Last I heard Ichiro is still with this squad.
    Any chance Ichiro could be dealt this spring ?...OK, there's always a chance.

  2. He is absolutely blocked, and that sucks. I find it hard to believe that all these outfielders play 162 games though.

    I don't see Ichiro being dealt, I am sure he was used in luring Tanaka. Just my 2 pennies.

  3. REMEMBER those helmets for pitchers ?
    What ' young ' pitcher trying to make this, or any team, would wear one of those ?
    I can hear the laughter, and the snickering now.
    The Latin players, with their macho, would rather die than wear one.
    Picture Pinada wearing one. I can't.

    * Although it would look sexy on Rocket Reed. Sure would beat the mukluk he wears around town.

    1. Careful there Patrick...
      You have been told about my trail hat...the others you may make all the scurrilous remarks you wish!

      Just a reminder, look at all the body armor some of the hitters wear in the batters box. They should outlaw it. The rules have taken away the inside pitch from the pitchers, and still guys wear all that stuff up to the plate...why?
      Because they don't have to respect an inside pitch and lets' them crowd the plate or dive into the plate to get that low and away pitch. Back a couple years ago, I would dare one of those guys like "Big Popy" to dive across the plate with any number of pitchers (almost all) from the old school. They would end up in the hospital while the doctors dug that ball out of their ear!
      The strike zone is so small now a pitcher is at a huge disadvantage whereas, the hitters have the body covered with pading!


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