Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Should The Yankees Go After Emilio Bonifacio

EDIT: Bonifacio has cleared release waivers. Emilio is now free to sign with any team he chooses.

Remember way back when, back in the day where all Yankees fans thought for sure that Omar Infante was the next Yankees second basemen? Nobody believed the reports that Kansas City would go after Infante because they had Emilio Bonifacio already in the fold? Well the Royals brought Bruce Chen back and have designated Bonifacio for assignment, which will make him a free agent or have him traded to another team in the next week. Should the Yankees be interested?

The Yankees are expecting to give the likes of Dean Anna, Eduardo Nunez, and about 20 other guys a shot at the utility job and a bench job in spring training so why not add Bonifacio to the mix? Bonifacio is only 28 years old and hits lefties and righties the same, although he doesn't hit either very well unfortunately. What makes Bonifacio attractive is he is a second basemen by trade but also has tons of experience in left field, center field, third base, short stop, and right field. Also Bonifacio is a switch hitter which is always nice when you have a manager that likes to mix and match.

Bonifacio is owed $3.5 million which would be a ton for a bench option unless the Royals flat out release him and are on the hook for 1/6 of his salary. The Yankees will have to make a trade, likely for a nobody or fringe prospects (Derek Toadvine for instance), unless they wait to see if he falls to them in the waiver wire. The Yankees are over the luxury tax anyway so I say why not, if it doesn't work out then you release him, easy as that.


  1. Not a chance! Enough of these "No-Hit" players. I am a defence 1st type of guy but, this is getting ridiculous.
    We have 1st--Tex, the word is his wrist may not be 100% yet.
    We have 2nd--Roberts, can he stay healthy?
    We have 3rd--3 or 4 guys with Nunez being the better choice (my opinion), can he do well enough on the defencive side?
    We have SS--Jeter, at 40, can he do the job anymore and stay healthy? He has slipped the last 7 years on defence...will he digress even more this year?

  2. The Yankees are in the "throw as much s*** at the wall as you can, and see what will stick" phase. At league minimum, or for a minor leaguer that surely would not be missed, I say "why not?"

  3. I say no because this is what will happen. He'll make the 25 man roster because he is a good defender and probably no options left. Then potentially better players like Nunez and Anna will be forced to waste more time at AAA.

    1. He def has no options left so you're probably right. I wanna see Anna in the worst way.

  4. I'm with you on Anna. Not that anybody can replace Cano's production, but if Anna can come close to what he did in AAA, we may have a 2b for a while.

    1. May I 3rd that? Let us hope he is one of those hitters that hits better against better pitching! I want them to play him as much as they can, otherwise it will be a waste of time...playing 2/3 times a week is a hard way to prove yourself! One good thing would be, he shows the Brass he can flat out play...or not!
      I am starting to get that old itch between my shoulders, always a bad omen!


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