Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Yankees Have Around $12 Million Committed In International Signing

The New York Yankees have said they plan to rebuild their farm system by blowing everyone out of the water this year in the International free agent market. This is also a ploy to try and get ahead of the game for if and when an International Draft is instituted in the game. The Yankees have somewhere around $2 million in cap room before the penalties kick in but New York is said to have somewhere around $12 million in verbal commitments, something not uncommon, already with a few months left to go before the signing period begins.

The list has a bunch of names you probably have never heard of yet but you certainly will because they are some of the top prospects in what is widely considered to be a strong class this season. Names like Dermis Garcia and Nelson Gomez(both Dominican third basemen), Juan De Leon (Dominican center fielder), Jonathan Amundaray (Venezuelan outfielder), Chris Torres (Dominican shortstop), and Diego Castillo (Venezuelan shortstop).

The original article we posted stated the Yankees may be willing to go around the $15 million range and incur major penalties for the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 signing periods but now it seems more like New York could go closer to $20 million. The farm system would be instantly formidable and that really excites me, penalties or not.

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