Thursday, February 13, 2014

This Day In New York Yankees History 2/13

On this day in 1986 the Yankees acquired catcher Ron Hassey from the White Sox along with Neil Allen, Scott Bradley, and a minor league player. This is significant because just a few weeks earlier the White Sox acquired Hassey from the Yankees and they gave him right back.


  1. Daniel Ellijay....I do hope this finds you well. Weather reports during the day had me concerned
    for the Burch family....( power outages )

    We are ready to inherit your storm. Should start to rock here in a few hours.
    My beer ice box is full, I hope you had planned ahead also.
    The Bruce Springsteen CD's I have at the ready......will get Anne, and I through this.
    Good luck, stay well.

    1. Bruce Springsteen...?
      I thought you had CD's of some great Irishman or some such, but hay, it's your music! Me I like Jazz and Country. Nothing against Bruce but, everyone liked him back in the day, which meant, I had to go in another direction.
      A bit ago they showed Daniels street...Ellijay! I hope Daniel and the rest of you are getting through this thing ok! Not a drop of snow out here in the boondocks by the lake...yet!
      As long as the beer holds out, you should be fine...stay, and yours!
      Did I do ok, with my Jeter comment?

    2. We are well, thank you Patrick. Surprisingly we haven't had a power outage yet, knock on wood. Tons of people have not been so lucky. I am well prepared so that is probably why the power did not go out. Oh well, should be all over today or tomorrow.

    3. yes its amazing we have been on the weather channel and news and stuff, being such a small town and all. I am great, took the day off and spent it with the family. I think I am going to try it today though.


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