Saturday, February 22, 2014

The 2014 Yankees Injury Bug Is Alive & Present

The Yankees haven't even played their first exhibition game, which comes Tuesday against Florida State in case you were wondering or had forgotten, and the injury bug is going around worse then the flu. Not again.. I can't handle another season of this. 

Alfonso Soriano has been kept out of workouts and such the past two days with flu like symptoms and actually feels worse today. This is the good news, he can get over this in a few days and be fine all season. No need to rush Soriano, he will be there when it matters. 

The worst news is Tyler Austin and his wrist are acting up AGAIN, terrible news. His wrist bothered him all season last year and kept him out of the Arizona Fall League and will continue to hamper him this Spring Training. Austin was held out of batting practice today and will be reevaluated in a couple of days, doesn't sound good. 

Nik Turley was scratched from his scheduled throwing sessions because his arm was a little tight. Turley, as of right now, is only expected to be out for today. Manager Joe Girardi did not sound concerned about it and hopefully it is just his body adjusting to throwing after a long offseason. 

Jim Miller is on a minor league deal so this hurts him more than it hurts us, even with a short bullpen, when his calf came up slightly irritated today. Miller was held out of camp today and will again tomorrow and the Yankees will see how he feels on Monday before throwing him out there again. 

Here's to hoping these are the exception and not the rule this season, again. 

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  1. RE: Former ...iYANKEES: Of which there are three.
    The past 24 hours have been disappointing / troubling. After all these years, have we not learned
    anything ?
    Emotions flaring, and slamming doors. And, now the YFU comparisons. Enough.
    We are better than what we have shown lately. So lets act like it.
    Strut your stuff, but lets not be dumb, and insulting.
    Get back up onto that saddle, and work as one...................................................patrick.


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