Saturday, February 22, 2014

Exclusive Interview w/ Prospect Guru Draft2Dynasty

I like to do things a little different than everybody else, not for the sake of being different but because that is just me. I got into the blog game not to recycle the same old garbage over and over again with no emotion and all business, I'm not making money here and this isn't a business to me. The same, in my opinion anyway, can be said about our latest interview Draft2Dynasty. I met him on Twitter and was instantly impressed with his knowledge for the game, specifically the farm systems, and have had many awesome conversations with him. He runs his own blog,, and is an all around awesome guy so why not interview him right?

The Greedy Pinstripes: How long have you been a fan of the New York Yankees?

Draft2Dynasty: Born and raised a Yankees fan... April it would make it 28 years.

TGP: How many baseball cards do you think you actually own?

D2D: LOL good question Ask my wife she would tell you ENOUGH honestly still adding old collections.... would say easily pass 10,000 yankee cards

TGP: How many of them are autographed? Ballpark numbers are fine here.

D2D: 200 + certified autographs 175 + in person autographs

TGP: How did you get to throw out the first pitch before a Tampa Yankees game in 2012?

D2D: It was for my birthday celebration held at Steinbrenner Field

TGP: I take it you were against the Tampa Yankees potential move to Ocala? Or were you for it?

D2D: I wasn't against. The driving distance is a slight shorter. I would have missed some of the other fans i have gotten to know but i think it would have ultimately worked best for the players playing in a site that might bring more fans to the field.

TGP: Where were you when the Trenton Thunder won the EL Championship this season?

D2D: Believe I was at home, I was listening to it on the radio feed, believe I was live tweeting that night too

TGP: What made you want to get into the blogging world with your site

D2D: Before I started Draft 2 Dynasty I was asked by a few other blogs to write with them. At the time I turned the offers down, got to thinking that maybe I should do my own blog with my cards and MILB adventures and other events happening around the Yankees.

TGP: Could you even begin to narrow it down, as a fan of course, to pick a favorite prospect currently in the Yankees system?

D2D: Hmmm....put me on the spot...major spot... I am either a President, Vice President or sit on the board of many fan clubs. Right now I think I am the Supreme Leader of the Peter O'Brien fandom.

TGP: Who do you think makes the biggest impact in the Yankees system this year?

 D2D: If Jagielo & Judge can open up the season in Tampa they can definitely shake up the depth charts for the organization

TGP: How many big time Yankees stars and prospects have you and your children met at various Yankees minor league stadiums?

D2D: Gary Sanchez, Mason Williams, Tyler Austin, Slade Heathcott, Rafael De Paula, Ty Hensley, JR Murphy, Ramon Flores, Bryan Mitchell, Angelo Gumbs, Austin Romine, Cesar Cabral, Vidal Nuno, Michael Pineda, David Phelps, Eduardo Nunez, and Joba Chamberlain as well. Those guys I have had conversations with one time or another. Luis Sojo I would throw him in too. We met Mariano Rivera and A Rod as they were signing during games last season, don't know if that counts. I have also met Cecil Fielder, Goose Gossage, David Wells, Roy White, Bucky Dent, Oscar Gamble, and Chris Chambliss at various signing events and have ran into Reggie Jackson twice in during spring training.

TGP: Re-sign Brett Gardner or give the job to Slade Heathcott/Zoilo Almonte/Other in 2015?

D2D: Brett Gardner, I would offer qualifying deal first. Safe deal of 4 years 60 million...I'm not a GM so I don't know the terms but a shorter type deal. Gardner, Ellsbury, Almonte, Heathcott seems like they will all work together and Beltran to DH.

TGP: If you had the choice to build from within with the prospects or trade them for the "sure thing" which do you think you would do if you were running the Yankees?

D2D: With the core we have I would prefer to build from within.

TGP: Michael Kay or Mike Francesa?

D2D: I don't really listen to either of their radio shows.. PUSH

TGP: Fire John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman or keep them around?

D2D: Keep em around...why not...I kinda have a soft spot for the HR calls

TGP: Do you have any Yankees players former or present in your cell phone?

D2D: Nope...I have some guys on my DM quick hits though.

TGP: When are you going to join The Greedy Pinstripes family so you can help me with Prospects Month?

D2D: lol good one... honestly have given it more thought. ... still cant commit to it yet... but always willing to help out.

The last question was not a joke, you always have a spot here my friend if you ever decide to go that route. Thank you for taking the time sir and I look forward to seeing all the pictures and recaps from this spring and all season long down in Tampa. You can follow him on Twitter by following @Draft2Dynasty or on his blog by bookmarking 

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