Saturday, February 22, 2014

Yankees agree to Incentive Laden Minor League Deal with Andrew Bailey

On Saturday evening the Yankees agreed to a minor league deal with 28 year old reliever Andrew Bailey. The deal, first reported by Buster Olney on twitter says it is worth $2.5 million and has a 2015 option+buyout. Bailey who is sometimes vulnerable to the injury bug wont be ready till mid-season after undergoing surgery to repair a torn labrum in mid-July.

The deal posses an enormous upside for the Yankees and the reliever has proven himself in the past. In 2009 Bailey won the AL ROY with the Athletics saving 26 games and having a 1.84 ERA. In 2009 Bailey also had a .217 BABIP, regardless of the production Bailey is a nice addition and could prove to be valuable in the second half of the season for the Yankees.


  1. damn you beat me to posting this by a minute.

    I mentioned this a few weeks and have always joked about how Brian Cashman reads TGP and such, this cements it. First Kelly Johnson, then Bailey? I'm sold.

    You're welcome

  2. Sorry Daniel haha Ive been absent for a bit so I had to jump on this quick!

    1. No worries dude i appreciate the help. More time for me to watch UFC 170 :)


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