Monday, March 17, 2014

New York Yankees Spring Training News & Notes 3/17

Both Vidal Nuno and Adam Warren pitched on Saturday and neither are scheduled to start this week in any kind of spring training games. Either the Yankees have seen enough or Nuno and Warren have seen their last starts for this spring. Both guys needed to impress if they had a chance at being the fifth starter so this news cannot be good for either.

Tyler Austin and Scott Sizemore took outside batting practice today with this being the first time since Austin's wrist flared up again after the team's first full squad workout. Sizemore was shut down due to a tight quad muscle, not his twice surgically repaired ACL. Both players say they are fine and working back so we will see.

Jacoby Ellsbury took full batting practice inside today while Brendan Ryan took batting practice and had a full workout. Joe Girardi still expects Ellsbury to miss tomorrow's game as a precaution and still expects Ryan to be in a game this week, possibly Wednesday.

Hiroki Kuroda pitched five simulated innings indoors as the Yankees game was rained out today in Bradenton. Kuroda was scheduled for somewhere around 75 pitches and this rain out will not change the Yankees rotational schedule.

Chad Jennings with the assignments from the day. Chad also took a stab at predicting the 25 man roster and his roster is the exact same one that I predicted on Twitter last night, check it out if your curious:

Today’s batting practice groups in Tampa:
Group 1: Kelly Johnson, Brian McCann, Gary Sanchez, Ichiro Suzuki
Group 2: Tyler Austin, Brendan Ryan, Scott Sizemore
· Today’s second string: C John Ryan Murphy, 1B Corban Joseph, 2B Zelous Wheeler, SS Dean Anna, 3B Jose Pirela, LF Ramon Flores, CF Jake Cave, RF Yeral Sanchez
· Today’s scheduled relievers: Chase Whitley, David Herndon, Mark Montgomery, Brian Gordon, Yoshinori Tateyama (with Fred Lewis, Robert Coello, Branden Pinder, Jamas Pazos and Manny Barreda also making the trip)


  1. JOEL HANRAHAN...Free agent closer. Last pitched w/ Boston '13, prior to surgery.
    Now hitting 90-92 mph. When correct, he sits at 96.
    Expected to sign with a team soon. Yes, take a look.

    1. I said it a month ago and I agree now, sign Hanrahan. Especially on a minor league deal.

  2. DIAMONDBACKS....have made young catching as a priority, in dealng either one of their
    shortstops......Owings, and Gregorios. I think Gregorios is the one they would deal.
    Owings could be their opening day shortstop.
    This one, never goes away.

    1. D Backs seem willing to give the opening day start to Owings... if we get an Arizona shortstop I think it's going to be Gregorious. Still better than Nunez and Ryan.

  3. Oh and Stephen Drew is STILL available.

  4. BOSTON.....going to Boston April 4th. Will be 'Searching for Private Ernie.'
    Always a great event. Last summer we investigated 6-7 saloons, in our failed efforts to find him.
    I believe he did forward his words, to the guys, and GP. A wonderful, humorous talent.
    Better than anything Yankee Fans Unite had combined, and he was trashed. Fools.

    1. Find him Patrick and bring him here

    2. Patrick...
      Find my 2nd baseman will you, I miss him. He is a good man and knows his baseball, even if he does have a bad knee! He can cover more ground than I can now days!

  5. BRENDAN RYAN...the pendulum started to swing back for the Yankees, when they obtained Ryan
    from the Mariners last September. What they obtained, and who is now, the best infielder on this
    squad. Hands down.
    Yes, I know he can't hit well. But, he is an upper echelon infield replacement. Maybe the second best, in
    all off baseball. He can play short, 3rd, and 2nd. He is not paid to hit.
    Remember all those guys they brought in ? Some for only a few days ? Awful memories.
    On top of his talent, he is a decent guy. Enjoy his words I tacked on below.

    “I relate to the fans a lot. I still pinch myself,” said Ryan, who turns 32 on March 26. “Here I am: I’m insurance to THE Derek Jeter. That’s pretty special. It’s something I’ll tell my kids about. Whether there’s a tremendous amount of glory or not, I think the experience will be super, super special. Something I’ll never forget.”
    * Lifted from the New York Post..3/17. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

    1. He is definitely a humble guy and just happy to be here. We need more like that around.

  6. Hay Guys...he is an Irishman, so what did you expect of him? Must admit, he has a bit more class than most Irishmen I knew! Of course, the ones I knew, were from my wreck of the town! LOL

  7. ROCKET REED....I know how you feel about Ernie. He could have been the best of all of us.
    Very humble, very intelligent..I'll cast my vote that way.
    Are you suggesting I duck tape him, and put him in the back of my van ?
    I'll give it my best shot.

    1. Whatever it takes to get it!
      Knowing him as we do, there is not doubt he would be a great asset to this site!
      The Rocket part you added to my name is, or should be, in past tense! LOL!


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