Monday, March 17, 2014

"Impact" Of Yankees Farm System Ranked 20th In MLB

Over on, a great site for any baseball fan saber head or not, Tony Blengino ranked all 30 teams farm systems by what kind of "impact" they will have. When Blengino ranks impact he took into consideration who would project as above average major league regulars and the Yankees are ranked near the bottom of the list. In fact the only true "impact" player the Yankees farm has according to Blengino is Gary Sanchez. I am inclined to disagree with Blengino but for the sake of not being bias or a homer I will keep that opinion to myself.

Tyler Austin was named a "non-impact MLB regular" on the list, which is part of the article where I begin to disagree, and none of the players in the lower levels of the system were listed. I know the Yankees do not have a great farm system right now but I really feel it  is underrated by most. Hopefully the Yankees plan to rebuild and retool the farm turns some heads on these lists for next season.

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