Monday, March 17, 2014

Will Kuntz Leaves Team For MLS, Martone To Replace

UPDATE: Brian Cashman confirmed that Steve Martone would be the man to replace Wil Kuntz in the Yankees pro scouting department. Martone has long been a baseball operations staffer, according to Andrew Marchand on Twitter..

There's been a change in the Yankees' scouting department. Will Kuntz, the Yankees' manager of pro scouting, has decided to take a job with Major League Soccer.

Brian Cashman said that Kuntz loves soccer, so taking the position (the specifics of which are currently unknown) isn't a surprise. And seeing as how Kuntz was unable to find any hidden gems like Bartolo Colon or Eric Chavez since taking over as the manager of pro scouting in 2011, the team wanting to move on wouldn't be a surprise either.

There's no word on who will be hired to replace Kuntz, who took over for Billy Epler when Epler was promoted to Assistant General Manager, but chances are that that somebody will come from within.

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