Monday, March 10, 2014

We Missed Out On Aledmys Diaz

The Yankees messed up when they let Aledmys Diaz sign with the St. Louis Cardinals. Presumably the Yankees will need a shortstop after the 2014 season when Derek Jeter retires and Diaz plays shortstop but seemingly had no interest in the Cuban defector. The Cardinals took advantage of the opportunity and signed Diaz for a four year deal worth, get this, $8 million. That's it, a $2 million AAV for a 23 year old shortstop that can also play second base and third base in a pinch.

That's Brendan Ryan money, that's Kelly Johnson money, that's Brian Roberts money, that's a contract I cannot fathom passing up on. You could trust in Brian Cashman and company and admit that they have seen him more than us and know more than us but when the Cardinals are interested he is at least worth a shot. We missed a big opportunity here and I am pretty disappointed in it.


  1. CHRIS OWINGS SS.....has potential to be NL rookie of year at shortstop. True.
    This is patrick beating the trade drum again...Bang!...Bang! Bang!
    This is my ' go get'em trade ' for right now. Over pay a bit, so what. And, he can hit !

  2. Franky Cervelli other teams are looking at him ? Leave Cervelli alone. Go look at
    someone else.
    I am a big fan of Cervelli. The poor guy has been snake bit for years. When his dark cloud passes
    over, he will surprise many, but not me.
    Package excess catching, and young outfield for .........Chris Owings.

  3. It will take a lot to get Owings. We probably have enough though.


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)