Monday, March 10, 2014

Yankee Stadium Legacy: #21 Phil Rizzuto

Phil Rizzuto was one of the top shortstops in the game during his tenure with the New York Yankees in the 1940's and 1950's. Rizzuto was as equally capable with the bat as he was in the field who could move a runner over, hit with runners moving, and get an extra base hit when he needed it. Rizzuto had 20 doubles in a season eight times and smacked a career 36 doubles in his 1950 American League MVP season. Rizzuto also had 125 runs and a .324 average that season.

New York fans we're a mere Paul O'Neill, 21 days away, from Yankees Opening Day.


  1. "The Scooter" was one of the best SS the Yankees ever had along with Jeter. He missed 4 of his more productive years due to the Big War. Winning a MVP even one time on the teams he played with was more than was impossible, but he did it. Helped win 6 WS rings, five of them in a row. His strong suit was being a clutch hitter time after time and, moving players along. A great bunter, well the 2nd best on the team (Mickey was 1st), and would find a way to get on when he had to.
    Never was the great hitter that Jeter was but, he saved many runs with his defense.
    Talk about a Mr. Clean, he was so much a goody two shoes, the players use to talk about things he never even understood. He was afraid of everything, from flies to Cows! They would make fun WITH him, not at him! He was so well liked, if a player tried to take him out on a DP, someone on the Yankees would send the other teams 2nd baseman or SS into left field. So, there were very few attempts to take him out!
    I have never heard a disparaging remark of him from anyone...ever!
    It took a long time to get into the HoF for him, his offensive numbers were not of the Jeter type but, then again his defensive numbers were as good if not a bit better. Considering the players he played with, his job was to get on base, mover players up, get clutch hits, and play very good defense...which he did! He let the heavy hitting to the big guys...of which there were many!
    Who was the better SS, is a question asked all the time and, the answer is most always Jeter! One must remember, the teams make-up dictates what is asked of a player! Jeter was on a team that needed him to hit, whereas Rizzuto was on a team that needed him to do what he did best nothing great but, everything well!
    For those of you that have never seen Rizzuto play, that is to bad, he was very good. But, as we all know, a fans likes (Stars) start at his first brush with the sport, therefor, to you young whipper snappers...Jeter is the better of the two...ok, I can't argue with that! But I can say, you sure missed out on seeing a true Yankee SS!

    1. not to mention he had probably the best HOF induction speech ever.


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