Sunday, March 2, 2014

Yankees homer three times in 8-2 win over Blue Jays

Vidal Nuno gave up just 1 run in two innings of work today as the Yankees beat a team who's played pretty well lately, the Blue Jays, 8-2. In those two frames, Nuno also impressively struck out 3, so yea, he did give up a run, but it's not like he wasn't still sharp. 

Anyway, the Yanks full 8 runs in this one came on an RBI Single from Dean Anna, a rare 2-run Home Run from Eduardo Nunez, a Solo Home Run from Carlos Beltran (his first hit of the spring), an RBI Groundout from Corbon Joseph, and a 3-run Home Run from John Ryan Murphy. With this victory, the Pinstripes record on the year improves to a decent 4-2 going into Ivan Nova's start tomorrow against the 3-0 Nationals.


  1. No comments on the game today? Was everyone...and yours truly...out shoveling snow to day? Yha, I know most of you kids use them new fangled things called snow shooters or something like that, but when one reaches the late 50s, of which I am not, one has to have excercise. I use one of those old time things...a shovel! My wife gives me a list of "Honey Do's" and that ain't one of them.

    But I digress, the game today was a bit one sided and a bit sloppy. It is the 4th(?) game of ST so we can understand that a bit, I guess!
    One thing I found interesting about the players in ST this year is...NO-body is out of was the case in years gone by. It looks like the players on the cusp are trying to make being sent down a tough job. We all know a player with time left on the farm will be sent back down rather than one, with no options!
    Looks as though it will be a good Spring Training, with the highs and lows we have seen so far!

  2. Damn, bed time, I gotta get up in 2 hours...!

  3. I didn't get to watch much of it, the wife wanted to go out shopping and to lunch again.


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