Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ichiro Intends To Play "Many Seasons" Past 2014

Ichiro Suzuki is entering the last year of his contract with the New York Yankees just 258 hits away from 3,000 hits as a Major League player but the problem is Ichiro is 40 years old. Ichiro will be 41 years old in October but in an interview with Wally Matthews Ichiro said he intends to play "not just a few" but "many" seasons after this season. Ichiro also went on to say that "retirement from baseball is something I haven't even thought about. For me, I feel there's no reason for me to retire right now." If anyone has the work ethic and the love for the game to play well into his 40's it is definitely Ichiro Suzuki, good for him going out when he feels like he wants to, not because he feels like he has to.

Ichiro is no longer a starting outfielder for the Yankees but is preparing as he would be playing 162 games this season. Even as a backup Ichiro gives great defense in the outfield with an average of +17 UZR/150 the last two seasons. Ichiro is also very durable missing only 13 games in the last three seasons. Ichiro has a triple slash of .273/.305/.356 in his last three season and although in decline can still get it done at the plate and with his legs. If Ichiro wants to play ten more seasons I think he should and I think he could with ease, again good for Ichiro.

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