Monday, April 21, 2014

Ivan Nova Has Tear In His UCL, Now What?

Ivan Nova left Saturday nights game with elbow soreness and an MRI showed a partial tear of his ulnar collateral ligament. This is terrible news for the Yankees and for Nova as even if Nova was able to avoid Tommy John surgery and rehabbed the injury, something that Adam Wainwright did for years before having the surgery, he will still be out for a long time. Now what?

The problem, besides the obvious 40 man roster ramifications, is that any obvious addition to the starting rotation takes away from the bullpen that is starting to show holes. Adam Warren and David Phelps have shown the ability to pitch as long relievers and late inning relief pitchers so moving one of them hurts the bridge to David Robertson, something that New York does not need. Vidal Nuno could become the 5th starter and may be the best option for the job but that leaves the Yankees bullpen with one left handed relief pitcher, a LOOGY at that. No worries, I have the solution.

Alfredo "The Mexican Gangster" Aceves. Aceves has done it before in New York and has a ton of innings left on that arm. Ace is only 31 years old and could be the perfect stereotypical fifth starter in the Yankees rotation. You 60 day DL Ivan Nova and send down Preston Claiborne, who has struggled in spring training and put a TON of guys on base in AAA this season, and plug Aceves into the fifth spot. Season saved, at least until June and July when we could make a trade if necessary.

Brian Cashman, you're welcome.


  1. I think Ace would and should be a consideration for the 5th spot.
    He is not on the 40 man, is he? If not, that could hold him back!

  2. NO he's not but that is fixed with a 60 day DL of Ivan Nova...


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