Monday, April 21, 2014

Matt Daley Outrighted To AAA Scranton

Matt Daley was designated for assignment over the weekend and has cleared waivers and will accept an outright to the minor leagues. Daley pitched in one game in the majors, throwing 41 pitches, and will now spend time back with the Scranton RailRiders. It's great to keep a guy like this in the system just in case we need him a little later in the season.


  1. Interesting photo...of Matthew Daley. Very spider like......Mrs. Daley has to deal with this. Imagine ?
    No, he was not Grant Balfour. He, like Cabral, looked like batting practice pitchers. Too bad.
    If he rates a second chance, I know he will be better. Can't be worse ?

  2. Want a clear picture ? It's rather easy.
    Shift away the sands. For now it's Nuno, until, or unless, he does a Cabral. I'm beating a dead horse, sorry.
    Next...Phelps. I think Phelps is the one. He is steady, and getting better. And, I think he will be here long term.
    I know, no more than you. But, that is how I see it.

  3. Kent the hell are you ? Enjoy Easter ? Glad we shook hands.
    Did you try to catch your wife ? Or, did you fall down trying ? You are what....86 ?

  4. I'm sorry, but that above pix, of Matt Daley....brings out the adolescent in me.
    All I can see is Matt Daley springing out of the darkness, in that form.....on to a bed, with an
    unsuspecting Mrs. Daley. I'm sorry, but that's what I see....." hey, baby ."

    I can hear it now, from Rocket Reed......" lets try to talk baseball ." On a night like this, why ?

    1. Patrick, how was everything for you and yours?
      Where I am, there is no baseball on TV at all. Needless to say, no baseball I get cabin sick, so I will put on some old time know, Frank and The Rat Pack...and rake the yard!

  5. FYI Matt Daley, even after being designated for assignment, is still on the 40 man roster.


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