Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Quick Hit: I'm Selfish & I Hate The 10 Day Roster Rule

I know this is going to sound somewhat bitter, and I am not bitter whether you believe that or not, but I truly hate the rule that states a player has to wait 10 days after being sent down to the minor leagues before being called back up. The New York Yankees sent down Scott Sizemore on Easter Sunday, April 20, and would not be eligible to come back to the major until at least tomorrow. Why this is significant is because it would be nice to call up Sizemore and let him start at second base tonight.

It would be nice to have #24 back in pinstripes playing at second base tonight and #22 in center field, both of Cano's old uniform numbers, while Robinson Cano comes back to the Bronx for the first time since darting for Seattle.

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