Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tanaka's 2-run start leads Yankees past Red Sox

Masahiro Tanaka gave up just 2 earned runs in 7.1 innings and three starters managed to collect multiple RBIs tonight as the Yankees surprisingly blew out the Red Sox at Fenway, 9-3. In this one, Tanaka was overall good, walking none while striking out 7, but in the end back-to-back fourth inning home runs from David Ortiz and Mike Napoli somewhat tainted his performance. 

Anyway, the Yanks offense scored a lot off Sox starter Jon Lester this evening, pushing across pairs of runs in the first and third thanks to duos of RBI Singles and Doubles from Derek Jeter, Carlos Beltran (who also homered in the eighth), Mark Teixeira, and Brian McCann. After those knocks, the Bombers went ahead and ran around the bases four more times in the top of the fifth, when Napoli committed an error, Jacoby Ellsbury drove in two with a double, and Jeter connected on his second run-scoring hit of the night to make it 8-2. 

Besides those guys, Ichiro Suzuki and Brian Roberts also played pretty well in this one, going 2-for-4 with a walk and 2-for-5 with a run respectively. Neither of those lines really helped the Pinstripes win the game, but since they were still pretty good I guess they're worth acknowledging. 


  1. BIG WIN IN BOSTON....and no one posts.

    Brian Roberts. All you hear is the ' unsettled infield, and the weakness at second base." BALONEY !
    Roberts is a all star 2nd baseman. He returned healthy with Baltimore, last season. And, know he is
    starting to lift his average, in this seasons early goings.
    Give the guy a break.

    BIG WIN IN BOSTON...and no one posts ? Maybe my time here is done.

  2. Roberts has done it with the glove and is coming around with the bat a little, both great signs. Light a candle he stays healthy though.

  3. I don't think those back to back home runs tainted anything. A lot of pitchers would completely fall apart after an inning like that but to Tanaka's credit he righted the ship and soldiered on. 7.1 innings pitched and two runs allowed? I'd sign up for that everytime. Especially against the Red Sox at Fenway.

  4. From what I've seen from Tanaka, he's the real thing. That splitter is absolutely filthy. Hitters know it's coming and can't do anything with it. His other pitches are better than advertised. Patrick, I agree with you on Roberts. I never questioned his skill, only his health. I still think that was a much better signing than Ryan.

  5. I am working on a post that may change your mind saanguy. stay tuned

    1. Bring it on Daniel, this is one I want to read!
      I like what Roberts COULD do, back in the day but, have not seen much production from him yet. Hopefully, that will change, the sooner the better.
      Ryan is still out yet? He could be a good pick-up for the Yankees...there are still a lot of games to win.
      As they say with pitching, let it be said for infielders...never to many infielders!

    2. Saanguy was talking about Tanaka, that's who I am writing about :)

      Post won't be up until Friday at noon

      Ryan will be out for at least another week to 10 days according to Joe Girardi


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