Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Quick Hit: NY Did Well Without Teixeira & Robertson

Just a quick hit to get this Tuesday morning going, the New York Yankees had to exceed everyone's expectations when they found out they lost both Mark Teixeira and David Robertson, no? The Yankees lost Teix to a hamstring injury on April 4 and lost Robertson to a groin injury on April 8. The Yankees doom and gloom parade had already started after losing their middle of the order hitter and closer but New York responded admirably.

While Teixeira was on the DL the Yankees had a 8-6 record with the likes of Francisco Cervelli, Kelly Johnson, Scott Sizemore, and even Carlos Beltran filling in for the injured slugger. The Yankees also won the first game of Teixeira's return Sunday against the Rays. With Robertson on the DL the Yankees had a 7-5 record with Shawn Kelley filling in well.

This is not something I would like the Yankees to get in habit of doing but if they can replace their injured big names and well paid stars from within and still win games I feel pretty good about things for the season and the long haul.

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