Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Can't Predict Baseball: Mike Piazza Loses $1 Million

On this day in 1930 Yankees slugger Babe Ruth hit three consecutive home runs from the left side of the plate in a game against the A's. Ruth gets cocky in his fourth at bat in the ninth inning and decided to try and bat right handed. After getting two quick strikes Ruth went back to the left side of the plate where the Philadelphia pitcher Jack Quinn promptly struck him out on the next pitch. Yankees still won the game 15-7.

On this day in 2005 the Mets Dae-Sung Koo (who? exactly!) came up to bat against the Yankees Randy Johnson. Before the at bat Mike Piazza told David Wright in the dugout that if he got a hit he would donate a million dollars to charity. Wouldn't you know it that the Korean relief pitcher batting lefty against the left handed Johnson roped a double off the center field wall that at bat. Piazza stated after the game that he would be making a "significant donation" to a charity over the next 20 years.

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