Friday, May 9, 2014

ESPN: The Ultimate Pedroia vs. Cano Debate

If Robinson Cano were still a Yankee would this map be so red? Obviously this is on the heels of Mariano Rivera releasing a book, The Closer, that stated if he had one game to win that he would pick Dustin Pedroia over Cano. Yankees fans have lost their minds since this comment was made public and I don't understand why.


  1. I do. Yankees fans don't want the Red Sox to appear better than them. Rivera coming out saying he favors a Boston guy definitely did that.

    Not saying it actually matters, but to some fans I can see how it does

  2. River is a hustle first, play hard, do things the right way kind of guy. Of course he is going to take the gritty player that wants to be the best over the guy that is taking his talent for granted.

  3. Mariano Rivera did in a book what our ex-3rd baseman did in a magazine. He told the truth about a very popular player and to this day that player has not once, come out and said he had forgiven said ex-3rd baseman. Although, I think they have just let it "go on bye!"
    But with Mo saying about the same type of remark and being a pal of Cano's...all will be forgiven.
    If telling, what you believe to be the truth, in a book one writes and the other in a magazine when asked is the wrong thing to say...we have come a long way BACKWARDS! PC will kill this country sooner than later!
    My rant for the week...thank you very much!

    1. Kent Seven.....your writing reminds me of someone that I once knew at iYankees.

      Can I ask you a few questions regarding this post that you made?

      1.What exactly did Arod say about Jeter in the SI article?
      2. Was Arod a teammate of Jeter's when he gave his opinion?
      3. Had Arod ever played with Jeter when he made the comment?
      4. Is it true that Arod drove all the way to Tampa to apologize for the comment because he knew it was out of line?

      Looking forward to your 4 answers.

      Patrick ... I may be offline when Kent answers ....can you follow up with him and verify he knows his stuff about this incident.


      Slim boy Fat

    2. Diligent Daniel......If you look at the stats Cano beats Pedroia at almost every key indicator. And since 2010 when Cano first reached his 140 OPS+ Standard he has significantly outhit Pedroia. His power sets him a level above. They are both excellent fielders so neither has a n advantage there. Pedroia will make some plays on sheer hustle that Cano won't make, and vice versa Cano will make some plays on sheer talent that Pedroia won't make.

      Cano is a pretty bad baserunner/stealer (look at his SB ratio it's horrendous) Pedroia gets the clear nod here.

      Mariano has the right to say who he would choose for one game behind him. And despite the stats his explanation about Pedroias will to win and Canos lack of effort sometimes, is valid. In one big game you don't want your second baseman losing focus the way Robby was known to do once in a while.

      One thing Rivera's comments do shed light on. Those who argued Canos side would sometimes use Canos smooth style of play as a reason some mistakenly saw him as "not trying".

      Well, when Mariano himself who played with Cano for 10 years says it's dogging it, then Cano was probably doggin it sometimes and it had nothing to so with his effortless style.

    3. Tommy Twasp..I feel I must decline your request to follow up on Rocket Reed.
      I turned the page on the Aroid / Jeter story, a long time ago. It ran its coarse, and has
      grown stale. It is not the tonic we need, to do what we do best.
      It is in all of our best interest, to move forward.
      A saloon in NYC, or a batting cage in NJ ?.. Bring your heart monitor.

  4. The Best Second Baseman ? My favorite for years, has been Brian Roberts.

    True, he can not hit with those two. But he is a fine hitter, when healthy. As he is now, are you watching
    that average climb ?
    Cano is bigger / stronger, and hits for power. Roberts is a hybrid of Pedroia, or Pedroia became
    a hybrid of Roberts.
    If you are a fan of blue collar, talented ball players, then Brian Roberts, is one to embrace.
    Not much time left in his career, so enjoy him.

    Also, a terrific team player, and leader.
    Robinson Cano left. It was his choice. Bottom line....he wanted to leave.
    This is 2014. Our second baseman, an All-Star, is Brian Roberts.
    How good is that ?

  5. Kent Seven, Ken, Kenny, Old Ranger, Ken Reed....survivor of combat.
    I can go after you, and squabble. I can even be a weirdo....its genetic.
    In the end, I truly like you, and would never mean to hurt you. Never.

    Secondly...I said you did not like my characters. I apologize.
    You did like my characters, as you once wanted to have a dalliance with Margret Lent.
    She, the widow of the late Shamus Lent. You were confused, but tempted ? Yes !
    My sword now thrown to the sand. Lets make bigger things happen.
    Stay well.

    1. Amen, Young Patrick, may the eyes of the Irish keep smiling on you and yours!

  6. Thomas Twasp...aka, Fat Boy Slim :
    Don't leave big shoes to fill. But, thank you for the kind words.

    As you search for air, in your new mean to say, that you can not post up ?
    I find that hard to believe. Sort of like bad German baloney. No such thing.
    Daniel tries to follow this. I think it confuses him at times. He never served in the trenches.
    He is a good man. As you, and Ken.

    I will ask again. Pick out a saloon in NYC, and Anne, and I will meet you.
    If you bring will be a short night.

    1. Patrick...
      Do you remember when I called Ballpark out?
      I told him how I had been hitting from back a few years, way back in time. With my hand separated by about 4"/5" and slide one of the hands up or the other down on the bat, depending where the ball was pitched.
      He said no one hits like that and I countered with I do, and have for about 40+ years.
      I pointed out to him, all coaches have their own style of hitting.

  7. All at Greedy pinstripes :...
    What I post up, is all about three people trying to get back on track.
    I mean not to push any of you aside. I would never do that.
    At this time, Dan's site allows me to put back together a fine team.
    A team that, combined with you, can make great things happen.
    I mean no harm, and encourage all of you, to join in with us.


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