Friday, May 16, 2014

Quick Hit: Whitley & Betances Look Great

Could the saving grace of the bullpen finally be on the squad, thus ending the revolving door of relief pitchers? Dellin Betances struck out the heart of the Mets lineup last night in relief, and most everybody he has faced all season, making him a great option late in the game and for multiple innings. Betances' dominance and ability to go two innings consistently reminds me of an early Mariano Rivera.

Chase Whitley pitched his butt off for 4.2 innings and gave up no runs and had his first career hit in the game against the Mets. Whitley did not look over-matched and did not look like the bright lights bothered him in the slightest. Chase added a cutter/slider to go with his changeup and fastball and could really be a weapon for us down the stretch.

Joe Girardi is great at piecing together a bullpen on the fly and this may be the beginning of it in 2014.

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