Friday, May 23, 2014

Should The Yankees Sign Wandy Rodriguez?

"Something stinks... oh wait that's me."

The New York Yankees and Brian Cashman have long sought left handed starting pitcher Wandy Rodriguez and they now finally have their chance. Wandy was designated for assignment by the Pittsburgh Pirates yesterday and can be had for just his salary, a salary that the Houston Astros ($5.5 million) and Pittsburgh Pirates ($7.5 million) will pay much of. The Yankees have the option to trade for Wandy and pay the prorated league minimum of $500K or hope he clears waivers and try to work out a deal as a free agent. That's the good news about Wandy.

With the good you have to take the bad and the bad is really bad with Rodriguez. Wandy has been pitching in a weaker National League Central and has a 6.75 ERA and a 7.34 FIP in six starts this season. In a rotation that includes David Phelps, Vidal Nuno, and Chase Whitley this would somehow make the rotation worse, not better. Even with only having Matt Thornton in the bullpen as a left handed reliever I cannot even think of a reliever I would send down for Wandy, and my dislike and lack of trust in Preston Claiborne has been well documented.

Could you imagine Wandy's 3.38 HR/9 ratio in Yankee Stadium? Just to put that into perspective Phil Hughes' HR/9 was a third of that last season and he seemed like an automatic home run ball for a month or more last season. So to answer my question, should the Yankees sign Wandy Rodriguez? Not only no but hell no.


  1. wow this place died all of a sudden...

    1. Sorry about that Daniel, I have a "You Will DO This" list. You know what the wise men always say; "A happy Wife is a............." you know the story.
      Last night was a game of many lately, that many fans will blaim on Cashman or Joe! Cashman for getting the players and Joe for mismanagement of the game.
      A word of rebuke for those fans, last I checked, Cashman and Joe are not on the field or hitting. Every team has a bad stretch during the year, hopefully this is it for the Yankees.
      I am very disappointed in the teams performance so far this year, but with only two of the 5 starters in the rotation...that hurts...and this new shift crap, I am going to give them Mulligan....and continue to be an optimist!

    2. This is the Bad Day weekend and everyone (most everyone) is traveling or having guests.
      Did I ever tell all you, that read these comments...well maybe the one or two...that I hate the way the game has changed? No? Well, that's good because I don't hate it at all!
      The Greatest players come and go, and we lament the loss of said player....! Until the next Greatest player comes along. That's life, guys and gals, live with it!

  2. No need to apologize sir, I understand trust me. I haven't been as active as I could or should be either but life is getting the best of me lately. One of the guys at work in my department got fired and I and another guy (his replacement) are having to do three jobs with two people (and he is learning his new job.... so he counts as a half).

    When I get home by the time I update the blog and do my honey do stuff I'm beat.

    1. Damn Daniel, I feel for you. Here I go again, "Been there and done, done that".
      I understand how it can be, I owned a Graphic Arts Company with an old Army buddy of mine. While I was off having fun everywhere and nowhere, he ran the place for me. When I had down time I would work with him. After I quit my regular job, we added some more accounts and equipment and people! We were putting in 80 to 90 hrs a week.
      One day we were in the office, he with a beer and I with coffee (the staple of life) all of a sudden he said, "I have had a couple of people contact me about buying us out!" I asked, what do you think? He said his wife is really pissed at him never being home. I told him to call them and set things up because I have the same problem at home. He did, we did, and that is history!
      I figured, after all those years I was away, now is not the time to push the envelope!
      Long winded to day! And nothing to do with my time, to damn wore-out to work out side anymore today.

    2. I hear you. I work for TiqIQ as well and they have increased my workload as well but my priority is this place so... yeah.

      I do a lot of my work after the kids go to bed anyway.

  3. It's a place like stubhub that sells tickets to games third hand

    1. Oh, ok sounds good to me. You will own the place in a few years, right?
      I'm out of here for the night, have a good one and a cold one...I'll stick to my coffee, as I am the only Irishman that doesn't drink and never have! I know, I am missing something, right?

    2. I hardly doubt that. Never know though right? You made it longer than I did, I was long asleep by the time you posted this lol

    3. I don't sleep much, I hit the sack about 0200/0300 and get up about 0600/0700.
      The Boss works nights, so she gets to bed about 0200 +/-.
      And then there was Tanaka, we hope for an excellent return to form from him.


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