Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Plan To Expand MLB To 32 Teams: Part One

It's a tad outdated with an old Florida Marlins logo but you get the point. 

Just for fun I wanted to take a look at whether it would be a good idea for Major League Baseball to expand to 32 teams, much like the NBA and NFL, and whether it would work or not. The keyword to that first sentence is that this was done for fun. If you have constructive criticism or something that I missed or that could be improved on, by all means let us know in the comments section. If you just want to be a douche and tell me this will never work or happen and don't have reasoning to back it up then please don't bother and derail this post, thank you in advance.

My reasoning for this post was because ever since the second Wild Card was added the fun has been taken out of the July 31st trading deadline. As a Yankees fan I used to constantly refresh MLBTradeRumors and such waiting to see who the Yankees would acquire or trade every season. I used to love getting on my Playstation on August 1st and trading all the players on my MLB game to keep the rosters current (before online game play really got popular). The fun of the July 31 trading deadline has been taken out of the game because with the second Wild Card there are just too many contenders and not enough sellers.

MLB wants five playoff teams and wants the ratings (this is a business after all) then have no fear, I have a solution. Rather than contracting teams like the Marlins and the Twins, which has been discussed in years past, why not add two more teams? You turn three divisions of five teams each into four divisions of four teams each and go back to a single Wild Card winner. You can always go to the eight teams making the playoffs like the NFL later on if you would like, although I don't think that works in MLB unless you want World Series games in December.

What lucky cities would be presented with the new franchises you ask? I'm glad you asked!

To be continued.....


  1. Remove the Rays from Tampa... put them in either Portland or Montreal...also Puerto Rico or Vancouver could be another location to think of

  2. I thought of including Tampa and moving them to Orlando in addition to the two teams but I thought that was for another post and another day.

    Puerto Rico is also something I considered.

  3. On another note; It seems many fans are calling for Warren to be moved into the spot that has Nuno trying to be a starting pitcher...and ain't there yet!
    The old saw, "Failed starters go to the BP", is alright if this were the 80s' or back in my day...but it ain't! Now days the teams look long and hard at there BP structure. One of each of these; Closer, Set-up man, Lefty, Long man and the rest
    Mo was a failed starter, Rags Righetti was a huge exception, he was good as both, but found a comfort zone in the BP as will Warren.
    Warren will stay in the BP, unless there is something we don't know...other than our names! Everything he has had to do is a statrer, for the Future!

  4. Warren going to the rotation makes the rotation better, sure, but makes the bullpen much much worse. The bullpen will be even more important with a starting pitcher that's not stretched out.

    1. I think there may be a trade involving D-Rob before this year is over, or they could keep him, and tender him at the end of the year for a draft choice next year.
      2015 is the year for a tandem of Warren and Dellin, set-up and closer respectively!
      Maybe, that kid they just drafted could also be another asset to the BP.
      I would love to see the days of old, where our BP made it a six inning game!

  5. No way D Rob is traded, zero. Qualifying offer after this season, maybe. D Rob will be 30, Wetteland was 30. Similarities don't stop there either....

    Lindgren, barring any surprises, will be in the 2015 bullpen as well. Adios Matt Thornton

  6. No problem, I would tender him at the years end anyhow...draft pick, don't ya know! As things are right now, we need every good BP pitcher we can get.
    I don't want Joe G to become Joe T and burn out a top reliever like Mr. T did to Scott Proctor....remember that one! Yup, that one, 83 games 102+ innings. He never was the same after that.
    Thus, Joe T was given a contract he couldn't accept, so basically, he was fired. Cashman Ordered Joe to use Scott less, but Joe thought he was the star and didn't have to take orders from a guy that never played, Yah da, yah da etc...and so forth!

  7. That's one thing about Girardi, he uses everybody. His bullpen will throw a ton of innings every season but not one guy will be, say, Top 10 in innings pitched.

    1. Yup, I like that about him. What good is it to win the division and then have all your pitchers so wore out they aren't as effective as they need to be?
      By the way, the Jobba rules were put in place so Joe wouldn't over use him, not because they were babying him as some thought! Joe complained all the time that he was not able to use him when ever it was a tight game.
      Yes, you are right, I didn't like the guy at all. A leader that uses up his people so as to win the battle, looses the effectiveness of those that are left, when it counts the most!


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