Monday, June 23, 2014

Nuno Is The Only Option We Have? I Call Bullsh*t

Vidal Nuno wet the bet once again on Saturday against the Baltimore Orioles ruining Tino Martinez Day at Yankee Stadium and handing the Yankees a loss. The Yankees were quick to defend Nuno but manager Joe Girardi basically said that we were out of depth options and would stick with the struggling left hander. I completely and vehemently disagree with this statement. We absolutely cannot wait on Michael Pineda anymore and even though struggling CC Sabathia would be better than Nuno at this point if we wait until the end of July it may be too late.

Currently sitting in Triple-A we have a few options, albeit in the bullpen, that could keep us in a game more than Nuno. Remember, unless we DFA Nuno (which I don't think we would), we have Vidal in the bullpen to pick up some slack while we stretch out the likes of Francisco Rondon, Pat Venditte, Danny Burawa, and even the struggling Jeremy Bleich and Bryan Mitchell. The Yankees need upgrades, even if they are marginal upgrades, at this point if we have any chance of making the postseason this season.

Mitchell struggled a little in Trenton but had four shutout innings in his Scranton debut. Mitchell already used his option this season so that would lessen the blow as well if he doesn't do well. Shane Greene is struggling in Triple-A but still strikes out almost a batter an inning and is the most stretched out of any of our starters. Like Mitchell, Greene has had his option used for the 2014 season.

Alfredo Aceves is always an option, although he is not on the 40 man roster and may be the final option we have. We may not have great options but we have options, so either make a move or make a trade and don't tell me we don't have any options when we do. I am sure I could go seven innings and have an ERA approaching six. Do something, now.


  1. Let's not forget about Banuelos either. I would rather see him for 3-4 innings while he builds strength. At this point, I would rather see them try anything other than accepting a loss every five days!

  2. Totally overlooked him. He would surely keep us in games better than Nuno does.

  3. Banuelos added to the 15 day Double-A DL

    Right on cue...


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