Thursday, June 19, 2014

Quick Hit: The Switch Pitcher vs. The Switch Hitter

It seems like it was so long ago but it was a mere six years ago that Pat Venditte forced the hand of Major League Baseball to change their rules regarding switch pitchers. For the first time ever the switch pitcher, Pat Venditte, faced off with the switch hitter, Ralph Henriquez. It was Venditte's, then 22 years old, first minor league appearance with the Staten Island Yankees and faced off with the Brooklyn Cyclones very frustrated Henriquez.

This was a bit comical as every time Henriquez adjusted his shin guard and switched sides of the plate to bat from Venditte simply switched his glove and threw from the other side. Long story short the game was delayed for quite some time and Venditte ended up throwing a scoreless ninth inning and struck out Henriquez.

Henriquez was ultimately told he had to make one choice on which side of the plate he was going to bat from before Venditte had to make his decision.

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