Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kelly John Hit On Hand, Exits Game

Kelly Johnson has left tonight's game in the bottom of the sixth inning after being hit on the hand with a pitch on a bunt attempt. Johnson tried to stay in the game but couldn't, stay tuned. Terrible timing for a guy that was finally starting to show signs of life with the bat.


  1. IT IS ABOUT TIME....that the higher ups in Yankee mgnt. / along with the baseball media that follows this realize that the Yankees need a hitter.
    A top flight proven run producing power hitter. That is the missing part of this puzzle.The obvious.
    There I dare say it ?
    This Yankee team is good. Yes, it can be much better, and it deserves to be better.

    All those who hammer a Brian Roberts, to replace him with someone
    who hits 20 points higher, is dumb. He, and the others, are not the problem.
    They need a masher. A game changer. A batting monster. Someone that opposing managers will change their pitching alignment for.
    There is no player like that on this Yankee squad, as of now.
    If obtained, and there are players like there out there, .....then this whole team changes.

    I'll use a player, only for example...insert David Ortiz ( from 5-6 years ago ) into this line up.
    Yes indeed, it's cowboy-up, all over again. Put that player into the current line-up !
    The team needs a game changer. To me, that should be the team's direction.
    Otherwise, this is a wasted effort on my part, and yours.

    The pitching ? Surprisingly good. The team will most likely obtain a proven veteran, and
    acquire him for monies owed / or share the cost with the selling team.
    The key, gentlemen, in my opinion is the Yankees attacking offense.
    It lacks anything resembling, the not so long ago.....Glory Days.

  2. Patrick...
    Nice of you to comment, and yes the Yankees could use a game changer. It is an idle dream young man, there is no-body out there 31 or younger that we can get.
    If there is, please let me know.
    We will work with what we have, until an opportunity presents itself. But, my objection to trading for a bomber is, he will be 34+/- and we have three or so of those, don't we! Giving up young talent that would get such a player is way to much...that's one of the many reasons there are so many of our stars playing elsewhere!

  3. If the Yankees could acquire a huge bat that takes the pressure off everyone else. Everyone moves down a spot on the totem pole. Not many out there though, that's the problem.

  4. Yes Patrick, IF a youngish Blaster were out there and we could get him....I am for it but with restrictions.
    As Daniel said (above), it would be a great boost to the line-up!
    Sorry if it looked antagonistic but, it was a little late. Didn't mean to have it read so short!


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