Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Plan To Expand MLB To 32 Teams: Part Two

What lucky cities would be presented with the new franchises you ask? I'm glad you asked! Again, as I said yesterday this is all extremely hypothetical and for fun so bare with me. I was personally upset when the Montreal Expos were owned by Major League Baseball, disbanded, and became the Washington Nationals. For nostalgia reasons mostly, and because I think the economy around Major League Baseball is a whole lot stronger nowadays and I think the city could support it, let's bring back the Montreal Expos. Canada needs another team and frankly could support one. It was Montreal or another New York team (homer), maybe around the Buffalo or Syracuse area in a dome so I wen't with Montreal to keep from flooding the New York market.

When thinking of the second team I had to do a little research, I didn't really have past performances or nostalgia to go on this time around. I considered Oklahoma City, Norfolk, Austin, Salt Lake City, and Orlando and finally decided on the biggest metropolitan area that does not have a major sports team, Vegas baby. Just for fun let's call them the Las Vegas Gamblers, a National League expansion team. I don't worry as much about the gambling and the Las Vegas city life that many do, players can gamble anywhere, players can get into things they shouldn't be getting into anywhere. Players are going to do what they are going to do whether they play in North Dakota or Las Vegas, bottom line.

It's been nearly 20 years since Major League Baseball expanded and the economy around the sport is better than ever, why not now? We're two years away from a new collective bargaining agreement and this would give both sides even more incentive then they already have to keep the players on the field at all costs. It technically makes less contending teams but it makes things more interesting in my opinion. Sure five or six playoff spots might not be up for grabs on the last week of the season but everything else would be far more interesting.

The biggest hurdle would be the obvious realignment in the divisions and who would go to this newly created division, a division I will call the North Division.

To be continued....

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