Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Robertson & Rivera's First Season As Closer

For all those fans ready to give up on David Robertson as the closer and ready to hand the ball in the ninth to Dellin Betances I ask that you calm down and read this post. Please open your mind and be willing to see both sides of the argument regardless of the names of legends detailed in this post. Thank you in advance.

Mariano Rivera has blown saves, Rivera has got bombed, and Rivera has lost games for the Yankees. Robertson has too but when Robertson does it the world loses their mind, enter Heath Ledger as the Joker meme here. We have to remember that this is the first season for Robertson as the closer in New York and even the Great Rivera struggled in his first season as closer in 1997.

The world lost it's mind on Sunday when Phil Hughes and the Minnesota Twins came to Yankee Stadium and Robertson gave up five runs in the ninth inning. Robertson at the time had two blown saves and 12 successful saves, nothing to shake a stick at by any means. Especially when you remember that Rivera had nine blown saves in 1997, not including the postseason blown save against the Cleveland Indians that ultimately sent us home for the winter.

We all need to chill, Robertson will be fine. Rivera was fine then. Rivera blew four and five saves in a season multiple times in his prime as well. If Rivera can do it, Robertson can do it. If Rivera can do it, Betances will do it. Chill and trust in David Robertson.


  1. I already do Daniel. Right now, Robertson's a scapegoat. The team didn't deserve to win Sunday, even if he had gotten the save.

  2. Everyone knew he would be too, especially in the first season replacing the great Rivera

  3. The big problem for D-Rob is he is not...Mo, Wetteland, Sparky, Goose or Rags!

    1. The biggest problem is everyone wants and expects him to be.

    2. Well, not all fans know anything at all about baseball.


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