Sunday, June 1, 2014

Robertson Surrenders 5 Ninth Inning Runs as Punch-Less Yankees Fall Again to Twins, 7-2

It's contests like today's that really make you question why you love the sport.

The Yankees, though terrible on offense, led 2-1 for pretty much all game, yet surrendered six ninth inning runs in an embarrassing 7-2 loss to the Twins. 

For the first three frames, the Yanks didn't even get a hit off ex-teammate Phil Hughes (Win; 8 IP, 2 ER), yet rallied in the bottom of the fourth thanks to a lead-off triple from Brett Gardner, a pair of singles from Derek Jeter (RBI) and Jacoby Ellsbury, and a go-ahead sac fly from Ichiro.

From then on, the Bombers amazingly didn't even record a base runner, but due to 5 innings of one-run ball from Chase Whitley, a perfect six-out performance from Dellin Betances, and a scorless eighth from Adam Warren they were in good shape.

Or, at least they thought so.

Going into the top of the ninth, there was no reason to doubt that David Robertson would get the job done, a belief that now seems extremely misguided.

On the first pitch Robertson threw in the frame, Minnesota's Josh Willingham tied the contest with a homer to left, #30's second blown save in 14 opportunities this season.

At that point, things didn't look like they could get much worse for Mariano's successor, although they eventually did, as the Twins would tack on five more in the at-bat thanks to an RBI Double from Brian Dozier, a 2-run Double from Eduardo Nunez, and another 2-run hit from Oswaldo Arcia. 

Of those 6 runs, 5 were charged to Robertson, whose ERA has now skyrocketed from the low-twos to a terrible, 4.50.

As for his record, it obviously didn't get any better either, as it is now 0-2 while the team's in games started by Whitley is 3-1.


  1. MY 1st Rant for the month of June!
    The only thing I look at is wins and loses. Not hitting in the clutch, mental errors, and just bad all around play is not going to win you very many games. To-day (not counting the 9th) the team just didn't hit, walk or wipe their collective a-ses!
    I am very disappointed in how bad and how many dumb plays they have been making on both sides of the ball.
    Someone has to take charge of this FUBAR before they are out of contention at all.

    Daniel and Bryan, how much did you pay them to lose this game today, "I coulda been the champ"! lol

  2. I'm just gonna throw it out there that Mariano blew saves too.. got lit up too... patience young Jedi's.

    1. Yes, are right! We remember the WS loss don't we?
      I am in no way giving up on D-Rob at all, in fact having him as the 8th inning guy would be a good spot for him, and free Warren up for the multi inning guy that Dillin has now.
      I am advocating for Dillin, because he is the prototypical Monster type! I understand the fact that sh-t happens to every closer, and we should have patience with D-Rob, that goes without saying. I just think having a guy...if he can handle it...out there as intimidating as Dillin can be, would give him one strike on most hitters before they step to the plate.
      And this has been done before; 1978- Sparky Lyle to Gossage, 1984 Gossage to Righetti.
      We will hear calls for this to happen anyhow!
      Is it something we must do this year or next? I don't know, just an idea!

  3. Mariano Rivera had 9 blown saves in his first season as Yankees closer in 1997, not including the one against the Indians that ended our playoffs....

    D Rob has 2....

    Let's everyone calm down.

    1. I am calm, as always! And I am not going to say D-Rob must go!
      But, I do say why not give Dillin a chance! When Rob has closed 2 or 3 games in a row, let Dillin close one.
      Right now, we have two guys that are interchangeable, Dillin and Warren as 7th or 8th inning pitchers and they can both go more than one inning. Warren uses more than two pitches (4 I think), and therefore is better suited for the 2 or 3 innings and 6th, 7th or 8th innings or two of the three. Dillin uses two pitches now and is better to be used as the 8th inning or closer.
      One step at a time;
      1- check it out and see if Dillin can close or not!
      2- move Dillin to the 8th inning.
      3- Do not move D-Rob out of the closer roll.
      4- Any way you go those three are the 7th, 8th and 9th inning pitchers.
      5- We will have one of, Nuno, Whitley or Phelps in the BP when and if Pineda returns. I think Whitley will stay in the starting rotation.

      Your opinion is welcome here guys! What say you?

    David Robertson..IP 18, H 14, SO 32, HR 3, ERA...........4.50.
    Grant Balfour..IP 20, H 14, SO 17, HR 2, ERA........5.23

    Basically, the same hybrid. No Mariano to shield Robertson. Throws too many pitches, and he
    will start to circle the drain ( as he is now )
    Balfour, would have extended his maturity, and perhaps made Robertson into a true closer.
    The veil has lifted.....a AAAA closer ?

  5. Take away this outing and those stats look a whole lot different. And in Yankee Stadium I think I would take the guy with almost twice as many strikeouts as the other, just me though

    1. I'll buy that!
      Be sides, are there any closers that have gone a season without a blown save? Mo never had 100% saves, why should we think D-Rob will be any better.
      Again, I am not one asking for him to be replaced, I think he will do fine. I just wonder if someone like Dillin would be better, that's all. Will we ever know?
      Stay tuned for the unfolding story about to happen between now and next year...same place, same time!

  6. Just a little devil's advocate

    Mariano Rivera, 1996. Burst onto the scene as a reliever pitching multiple innings setting up for soon to be free agent John Wetteland. Wetteland leaves with his World Series ring and the rest is history with Betances.

    Dellin Betances, 2014. Comes in guns blazing behind David Robertson who will be a free agent after the 2014 season. Lightning strike twice? I doubt it, Wetteland was aging and D Rob is 30 I think but it's still interesting to think about.

    1. It is really foolhardy for me to guess which one will end-up being the closer in the future! The Yankees have stats and much more information on those guys then we will ever know.
      Someone was smart enough to make Dillin a BP pitcher so, maybe there is more...or maybe less to the whole situation.
      Anyones guess is as good as I can make! lol


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