Sunday, June 29, 2014

What The Hell Was Koji Euhara Celebrating Last Night?

I know it's hard to tell the difference but this was NOT taken after last night's game, this was at home for Boston in Fenway Park. My point is what the hell was Koji Euhara doing after he struck out Brian McCann to save last night's win for Boston? He acted like he just shut down the Yankees in the playoff game and acted like the Red Sox weren't still five games behind us in FOURTH place in the division. Stay classy Koji, that's all we ask.

If you want to celebrate come up with something entertaining like shooting an arrow in the sky, or really shoot one at Mike Nappybeard (h/t Brian Knepper) and make the world a better and more hygienic place.


  1. I DO DECLARE !!
    My southern roots take me to Baltimore, Maryland. My mothers home town. And, great crab cakes !
    What turns up tonight but a Martin Prado post,.... from River Ave Blues.

    " The Yankees are focused on acquiring pitching, but they should also consider the Diamondbacks’ Martin Prado at third base, Bill Madden of New York Daily News writes. Prado, 30, has hit just .271/.318/.368 this year for Arizona, although he still plays strong defense at the hot corner."

    I DO DECLARE !!, SCARLET..... those guys may be on to something !

  2. KOJI EUHARA....,just an observation, but from what I see here is......Taking Cealis may give
    you an erection that may last for four hours. Koji, obviously just figured that out.
    Watch out / and take cover.....Big Popi !

  3. GO BACK IN TIME....
    The NY Mets had a team similar to this years punch / vanilla...etc.
    Indeed...better pitching, but that is not being addressed now.
    So, the Mets make a trade for a guy named Don Clendenon. And off they go !

    Everything changed, when the lead dog showed up. Everything ! All the others turned it up a notch.
    This is the point, I am striving to make. Go after a masher / know what I mean.
    I've never said this, but the Yankee GM, whom I truly like, has to be held accountable.

    The next thing you know, well be asking when the winter meetings start.

  4. I had a post scheduled for sometime today that the Prado talk was heating up and seen on MLB Trade Rumors and the New York Daily News. Didn't see it on RAB yet. Remember where you heard it first :P


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