Thursday, July 17, 2014

Francis Excited to Join Yankees, Pitch in the Bronx

While you could make a strong argument that recent Yankees acquisition Jeff Francis isn't necessarily going to make a difference, you can't ignore the possibility that he could end up being an asset.

Francis, a 33-year-old veteran who was traded from the A's to the Yanks back on July 11, has gone just 0-1 with a 6.08 ERA so far this season, numbers much worse than the ones he use to put up as a Colorado Rocky. 

Now whether those stats improve or not is obviously yet to be known, although one thing you can't hate about the guy is the fact that he's at least excited to wear Pinstripes, something he told's Bryan Hoch earlier this week.

"It's probably been said a hundred times over, but (Yankee Stadium has) a lot of history, even though it's new," Francis said. "The team has a lot of history, so it's something that I'm looking forward to."

Since starting his big league career with the aforementioned Rockies back in 2004, Francis has surprisingly never pitched in the Bronx, a rarity that could motivate him in the near future.

Who knows? Maybe all the struggling lefty needs right now is a change of scenery.


  1. The problem with Francis is he has had numerous changes of scenery since his breakout season in Colorado. He is what he is at this point of his career, best case scenario is we catch a hot streak before we DFA him

    1. I'll take that. All the Yankees have to do is stay competitive in the standings until Mid August.

  2. Jeff Francis & Rich Hill.....should I fall to the ground, and faint ?
    Lightning in the bottle ? Right ?.....or a practical joke ?.....Who's signing these guys ?
    Bartolo Colon is next ?
    Has anyone seen what the injured Cliff Lee is owed ? That should not be a Yankee problem.

  3. One set back by Pineda or Tanaka and that August time line turns into a season ending time line.. for the players and this team.

  4. I think, well hope, these guys are just depth signings for when Hiroki Kuroda goes down and we complete a feat not yet seen in sports... losing your entire Opening Day starting rotation in one season.

    Cliff Lee has made I think two rehab starts now... make the call.

  5. Another guy, like me...
    The below is from a commenter, from today' New York Post. He was writing about the likes of
    a Luis Severino. And, he is frustrated. But, he gets his point across.....where sometimes I
    get bogged down in the sea weed. Enjoy.

    " Like all alleged Yankee prospects, they'll bury him in the minors until he develops bad habits out of confusion as to why they aren't bringing him up.... Bring these guys up!!!! Even if it's just for a week or one start...Give them a taste....So tired of hearing of Gary Sanchez and Heath Sladecott?? or Mason Williams or Pete OBrien....or Manny Banuelos...Couldn't pick any of them out of a lineup.... Bring em up!!! Some guys elevate to the moment....and stars are created..... Bring em up....before they go into the yankee prospect abyss... Tired of seeing other teams with really young guys excelling.... Some guys rise to the occasion... Bring em up! "

    By a guy named, Don Cozz. He did good.

  6. And I agree with him. I'd rather be a .500 team with the young guys getting their feet wet then with 33+ old players struggling to re-live their prime or best years. Some players are cut out for New York and some aren't and that's just the way it is. No teaching it and no changing it.

    It's time to do inventory in New York and see what we got.

  7. Is not anyone, other that me, tired of hearing the Brian Roberts death rattles ?
    This is now July 19th, and yet the cries from deranged writers continues...." when will Brian Roberts
    finally break down ?"....or, " Brian Roberts can no longer contribute at this level." Etc.

    The guy is a former all star, who had some unfortunate injuries. Get over it.

    1. I don't think Roberts is that bad. We could easily upgrade at second base but even when I called for Pirela or Refsnyder I always asked to keep him on the bench.

      Even Bryan Van Dusen showed us before the season that Roberts injuries were more freakish than anything. Not like he was exactly injury prone as much as he was unlucky and prone to self harm.


  8. Inventory Time:
    On the plus side: Gardner, Ellsbury, Cisco, David Robertson, Phelps, Warren, Dellin!
    On the GETTING There Maybe, side: Tex, McCann, Beltran(?)!
    On the Replaceable side: K Johnson, Roberts, Wheeler(?), Solarte(?), Ichiro(?), Kuroda!
    Bring-up: Pirela (anywhere) and Refsnyder (2nd/OF).
    DFA; K. Johnson, Roberts

  9. Wheeler has shown he cannot handle the show. He's 27 years old, it's not like he is a prospect anymore. He's a journeyman. I think I am ready to move on.

    1. I said; "On the Replaceable side: K Johnson, Roberts, Wheeler(?), Solarte(?), Ichiro(?), Kuroda!" Replace them all...on the bench, sent down, or DFA!
      All done!


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