Thursday, July 17, 2014

First Rule Of Fight Club Should Be "Don't Be A Douche"

The first rule of Fight Club should be don't be a douche, that should cover about everything including talking about it. I had to wait a full day to let this sit and digest because when I woke up yesterday I was angry, truly angry. I promised to go to bed after Derek Jeter was taken out of the game and I am a man of my word. When I woke up yesterday morning I woke up to a certain individual, who will remain nameless, being an absolute jerk to a very good friend of mine on Twitter.

Why was he being a jerk you ask? Because my friend the Mighty Casey is not a MLB insider, never claimed to be an MLB insider, and probably doesn't want to be an MLB insider. Casey was asked who the Yankees would give up to get Troy Tulowitzki and said, paraphrasing here, that he did not know because he wasn't in the meetings. Totally legit and honest answer that apparently angered this one Twitter user.

How did Casey handle it? With class, respect, and patience like it should be. We're all adults here, I graduated High School and had no plans of going back for obvious reasons. Casey is not retarded, the farthest from a prick, he's not a poser, and he's not embarrassing. Casey is a FAN and runs his site as a FAN, not as an "expert."

This user was ballsy enough to harass and insult a guy who would give you the #BYB shirt right off his back both literally and figuratively. Casey and his site are different by design and it's truly refreshing and enjoyable to read something besides the same recycled robotic garbage. Casey does it different and Casey does it well and that's all that matters. Keep it up Casey and don't let the little people get to you.

Please don't be a douche. We're all adults here and we can all be successful and respectful without stepping on each other's toes. We can disagree with each other and not burn bridges and make ourselves look like "retarded pricks" and "embarrassing" in the process. Be a leader, be a teacher, and be a trend setter. Don't bring the rest of us down by giving us a bad name. If you can do better I challenge you to open up your own shop, hell I'll help you. Just don't be a douche. Thanks for listening.



  1. A DOUCHE ?....Almost everyone has a name, even pets, even 50 cents !, even patrick.
    So why can't you name this guy ? I would, and never give it a second thought.
    He posts / tweets under a certain go ahead and use it.
    You are being to kind. Unmask this skunk.

  2. Because he boasted about the "recognition" and new followers he got for bashing Bleeding Yankee Blue and I didn't want to give him any more undeserved exposure, recognition, etc.

    A simple look around Twitter and you could find it and if you really want to know shoot me an email, be more than happy to tell. Maybe I am too kind, gonna be my downfall.


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